Drive (Cougars, Cars and Kink #1) by Teresa Noelle Roberts #mf #review


“He s a kinky dream come true and her only protection from danger.”

“Cougars, Cars and Kink,” Book 1

Eight months after her (cheating, almost-ex) husband s death, Suzanne Mayhew has a plan to move on with her life. First step: sell off Frank s classic cars, starting with the red vintage Mustang convertible he never let her drive. Second step: get her unexplored kink on with a delicious younger man.

Preferably the one an old friend sends around, ostensibly to check out the Mustang. Neil Callahan Boston cop, Dom, fifteen years her junior.

Neil feels the mutual sizzle, but if the blush staining her cheeks is any indication, her flirting skills are a little rusty. Though his instinct tells him to take things slow with the recent widow, he can t resist inviting her along for a test drive for the whole weekend.

Throwing caution to the wind, Suzanne takes him up on it. But they re barely out of the driveway when Neil s cop instincts kick in. They ve got a tail and it looks dangerously like her ex s secrets looming large and deadly in their rear-view mirror.

“Warning: Spies, lies and vile bad guys. A meddling BFF. Inappropriate use of kitchen tools. Completely appropriate use of rope and floggers. Your mileage may vary, depending on battery life.””addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Suzanne is trying to get her life back,  after the death of her husband.  They were in the middle of getting a divorce when he appears to have wrapped his car around a tree.  Now 8 months later she decides to sell off his prized possession a 65 Mustang.  As she is about to take a test drive with Neil, they are blocked in the driveway by someone who states they wish to look at the car.  The other interested party are not happy but finally leave with the instructions to call for an appointment time.

Neil is looking for a new project car to work on with his dad, but once he sees Suzanne the car takes second place.  He talks Suzanne into taking a test drive with him that will take the rest of the weekend.   After they dealt with another interested party, they are off.  Neil is concerned when he see’s the interested party later that day following  them. That sets the stage for the intrigue that goes on through the rest of the book.

The thing that is amazing is the chemistry between Suzanne and Neil from the very beginning.  The sex scenes literally burn up the pages.  There is such give and take, between them. You almost feel what they feel during those scenes.  When they are pulling apart fighting their relationship you just want to say what are you doing?

The thing that makes this book for me is how Suzanne deals with her survivor’s guilt, and how she learns things she never new about her husband.   She craves the Dom/Sub relationship she gets from Neil.  Yet then she feels like she is taking advantage of him because she is so much older than he is.  How can this work she cries to herself.  I will be in my sixty’s and he will still be young and gorgeous.   While Neil is falling for this beautiful,  woman who is everything he wants and needs.  Yet she keeps pulling away and won’t explain why.

When things go bad, Suzanne prays that Neil will save the day.  Neil is willing to do what ever it takes to save Suzanne, including putting his job on the line. Will everything work out?  Can Suzanne deal with all her emotions,  and insecurities.  How will Neil go on if she chooses to go on without him?


4 stars

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