The Legend of the Dagger Prince by T. A. Gallant #mf #review #GuestReviewer


He killed his father. Now he must kill his brother.

In the days of King Tsedecc, the seventh generation after Qccesed the Great, a kidnapping shatters young Prince Korbin’s idyllic world. In short order, everything he knows is called into question as he hears horrifying things about the world around him.

In the deadly aftermath, nothing can ever be the same.

A twisting tapestry of virtue and intrigue, The Legend of the Dagger Prince is much more than a coming-of-age tale or an adventure story, although it could aptly be described as both. This carefully-woven medievalesque fantasy is a rich journey toward redemption, exploring hard lessons regarding the cost of loyalty and honor—and the price of deceit.

Eminently quotable and flavored with a subtle Old World literary feel, The Legend of the Dagger Prince is the opening salvo in T. A. Gallant’s exciting new series, The Annals of Adamah.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Guest ReviewerTAG

A 13 year olds thoughts:

4 stars

I really like Prince Korbin. I could kinda relate to him because I am 13, and he started off the book being 12 turning 13. A bunch of things change when he turned 13, but in the story he kept changing ages and I didn’t understand that he was getting older during the book so I got lost a lot.

Prince Korbin’s personality was excited, scared, and persistent I would say. Korbin wanted to be king only one problem was his father was already king. He did something about the problem.
Although I really liked that the book settings were in the historical days, I didn’t really understand what was happening because I didn’t know some words in the book which made it harder to understand. I wish the author included more about his birthdays, White Forest, and just about Sheqqim.
From her mother:
I found that my daughter enjoyed most of the story but she continued to get confused with the pace of the plot.  She is not used to reading a book of this genre so i feel it went a bit fast for her as she began to learn about that time and genre.  Regarding the words that gave her trouble, it wasn’t that they were difficult, it was more words that this generation no longer uses and she would have to go find the definition for them.  I was rather pleased by this because it did expand her vocabulary.

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