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Buy Guys

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Pete, a young, gay handsome drifter, is convinced by his roommate Blaze to join him and leave dreary Jersey for sunny, sex-drenched Fort Lauderdale. Their mission is simple: make a free and easy living as male prostitutes on the escort site, Buy Guys. For a while things seem to go their way, but as Pete falls deeper in love with Blaze, he is drawn into a much more sinister scheme that eventually threatens to destroy them both.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

Ok, so I know a book is supposed to be a conversation in-between people. And I know ever author and reader has a different interpretation when reading those words. So keeping all that in mind, here is my review.

This whole book for me was like a long conversation between these people. Not a in-depth, highly interesting one either. In fact it reminded me a lot of that film, Bill and Teds excellent Adventures.

**not lines from the book**   But should be – Dude, lets go to Ft. Laud and have sex for money, ok, dude.

Having not read any great male escort books I was really looking forward to this one. And felt really let down.  After finishing this story.

Right from the beginning, I really wanted to love one of the characters, Pete that had nothing but bad luck. traveling and learning life at such a young age. Getting stuck once again looking after a sick uncle that lied to him. But never really letting life beat him. But than this crazy stalker side comes out as he watches his roommate sleep.

Blaze, the brains behind this operation has been running one scam or another pretty much his whole life, again just to survive.

As these two work there way through Ft. Lauderdale and then surrendering area, it was nice for me to revisit my old stomping ground. And watch them redeem themselves a time or two.

Lots of sex through out the book, but not hawt steamy page burning. Which actually was nice, it flowed with the story, instead of just being porn cover to cover.

But by the end, Blaze is a not mess, Pete comes to the rescue and we get a strange but fitting HEA.


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Pete and Blaze are roommates that end up moving to Florida after Pete loses his job and Blaze admits to stealing from his. Blaze wants them to become male escorts and market themselves as a pair out for a good time. But, what they end up getting is into a lot of trouble thanks to Blaze’s schemes and ideas.

This is not your standard, feel-good, fluffy, M/M romance. Buy Guys is gritty and raw with sex for hire and raunchy sex throughout the story. A lot of sex. While short, it is not short on detail. Blaze gets the pair into some pretty precarious positions (no pun intended) when he admits to stealing from the dead bodies housed at the funeral home he worked for. The pair is followed by a couple of goons, but the goons aren’t your run of the mill idiots. There are drugs, money laundering, and all kinds of nefarious deeds going on throughout the story because Blaze and Pete want to make a quick buck.

While I found some of the deeds this pair got into be a little immature, I did enjoy this darker side of M/M. The sex was just that….sex. There was no tenderness. If you enjoy your M/M real and not just full of love and romance, this might be the story for you. Just be warned that it doesn’t read like a traditional book.


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