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It’s close to Christmas in Amsterdam, and Cara Jong isn’t having the best of days. Her girlfriend has left her, and her new job isn’t nearly as glamorous as she hoped it would be. A run-in with Jude Donovan, who’s playing Santa Claus in a department store, does little to lift her spirits, even though there’s clearly an appealing woman hidden beneath Santa’s beard.
When Cara finds out that Jude is actually a well-known author of children’s books, she’s intrigued and decides to attend Jude’s reading. A bizarre misunderstanding breaks the ice between them, and they share a heated kiss that same night.
As the weeks go by, they begin to fall in love and hope to leave past experiences behind. But Cara doesn’t trust her luck in love and soon breaks things off, leaving Jude baffled and broken-hearted.
Can Cara’s meddling sisters and a hilarious road trip convince Cara to go after her happily-ever-after with the writer?
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Bunny Finds a Friend is a hilarious and sweet story that had me hooked from the beginning. Cara, the main character, has had a horrible time, lately. Everything seems to be going wrong for the poor girl and she can’t catch a break. Her sisters love to meddle in her life, which does not always work out well. While they love her with all of their hearts, they don’t fully understand her love for other women.

Cara meets a shopping mall Santa who happens to be a woman underneath the suit. Jude, aka Santa, has a young daughter and is a children’s author. The two women share a kiss and from there they try to make things work. However, the fact that Cara and Jude’s daughter don’t get along, adds to the strife in this relationship and things just don’t work out.

I really enjoyed the fact that this was Cara’s story and not a story about a couple. Yes, Cara meets Jude, but Jude is just a secondary character and isn’t the main focus of the book. We get to see Cara learn and experience life throughout the pages (and the beautiful setting of Amsterdam doesn’t hurt).  While it is labeled as a F/F story, it focuses mostly on one character and her struggles of love and life. For a short story, it is a thoroughly enjoyable one.


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