Blue Moon Rising (Coyote’s Call #3) by Bailey Bradford #mm #review @BaileyBFun4Me @PridePublishing

Blue Moon Rising

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Love can conquer all, if he’ll only believe…

Roman Jonas has spent years recovering from a violent assault when he was just a teenager. He’s worked hard, and finally found his place in the world. Now, if he could only get his coyote to agree. As a medicine man for his pack, he isn’t able to shift. It’s frustrating to say the least, but not as frustrating—or confusing—as the feelings he has for former Ranger Abraham Evans.

Abraham lost the ability to do his job effectively when he was shot. His right arm and hand are close to useless, and he’s had a hell of a time not dying over the past month. Sometimes it seemed like it’d be so much easier to just give up, but a certain hazel-eyed man had captured his heart, and it wouldn’t stop beating.

When Abraham is released from the hospital, he moves to Del Rey to be closer to Roman, and because he has no one else in his life who truly cares about him.

Slowly, he and Roman begin a tentative friendship that turns into something more enduring than they’d ever dreamed of, but enemies from the past threaten everything and everyone Roman and Abraham love.

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I’ve not read the other books in the series and was not lost while reading this one.

This starts with Abraham trying to wake up so I’m guessing the last one ended with him being hurt? Even if it did, once again, I didn’t feel lost or disconnected from this current story.

This one is all about Abraham healing, finally getting the bad guys and finding his mate. We also have Roman, he’s finally healing as well. Discovering who he is and what he is.

Abraham was injured protecting Roman and other pack members and now is healing on pack lands, but is not aware of this shifter secret. As the healing happens what he does know is the pull he feels towards Roman and a feeling inside his body. Neither one he can explain, both he needs to figure out.

Roman, now knows that Abraham is his mate but is unsure how to proceed with this information. He’s not sure taking a human is the proper thing to do, is he healed enough, either one of them, how is he going to react to the ultimate secret? all these questions come crashing down with the Lion shifters come a calling.

Love the pace of this book, the way the author doesn’t give the characters a chance to wallow in self pity, or self doubt. The way we all band together to fight the fight and save the day. Really the only thing I could do with way less of was the sex. For someone that was traumatized, and granted it was a long time ago and you’re w/your mate,  and the other is still very injured and very weak from ‘dying’ multi times from being shot and poisoned. They sure can use a lot of energy going at it.


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