Before Sunrise by Bryan T. Clark #mm #review

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Just Before Sunrise, as the fog lifts from the pool, the light reveals the tapered backs of male swimmers in Speedos concluding their morning workout.

Nicky O’Hare, a promising freshman recruited to the Tampa Bay University swim team, shows promise both in and out of the pool. The lean Irish kid with the ‘boy-next-door’ good looks from Brandy, South Dakota, is likely the most talented swimmer on the team. Ready to experience all that college life has to offer, Nicky has even put finding a boyfriend on his wish list.

Coach Philip Silva, a former Olympic swimmer with a once-impressive swimming career, has recruited Nicky as part of his mission to rebuild the University’s failing swim program. Focused on the upcoming season, Philip’s real challenge will be keeping his secrets and demons submerged below the surface.

All seems well until one night when Nicky and Philip end up at the same Fourth of July celebration. With fireworks in the sky, the hot and humid night reveals the attraction between the two. But can these boundaries be crossed? Suddenly forced to reevaluate his life, Philip is met with the moral dilemma of discovering true love with the University’s rising star.

Before Sunrise presents a story of friendships, love, complicated relationships, and deception, woven into an unexpected ending.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Okay, I have to be honest. I didn’t read the blurb for this book. I fell in love with this author after reading his debut book Ancient House of Cards and was stalking him until this was released. The downside of not reading the blurb is finding out the book is set in the town I live. I tend to stay away from those books simply because I’m too critical of the research or lack of. Also I just don’t like reading about the place I live.

So I’m just going to get these points off my chest, then gush on how amazing everything else was. I’ve no idea if it was lack of research or maybe not wanting to give credit were due. But some big points we’re messed up, esp. talking about the schools. And being a HUGE Fl. State fan I CAN’T believe you called US GATORS! LOL (off w/your head Mr. Clark 🙂 ) Also, directions going to the beach, you went the wrong way. Little things like that, is why I do not reading about home town stuff.


On to the story!

Once again, Mr. Clark holds nothing back. He touches on a few subjects  that people tend to stay away from, May, December romances. Teacher, student relationships, drug additions, lying with in the relationship. Total forgiveness.  But does it all so brilliantly and so adult, you forget that these characters have a wide range in ages.

All these characters play huge rolls in the story and even though this is about Nicky and Phillip, we have sub stories that spin off and make this well rounded and perfect. You completely get immersed in all of the lives, how they got there and why they are they way they are.

They epilogue at the end was perfectly crafted to give us the HEA we needed.


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