The Boys Of Banana Court Series by Alex Carreras #mm #review @AlexCWrites


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Mitch Montgomery should be happy. He’s just got his own apartment with his best friend from high school, Josh Connors, recently landed a job at IGNITE, the coolest and gayest gym in town, and his new neighbor is hot, hung, horny, and above everything else, interested.

So why isn’t he…. happy?

It’s because he thought that by now his life would be way better. Instead of attending a crappy community college, Mitch should be at a big name school busy being Big Man On Campus and scoring touchdowns, not wiping down lockers and giving workout advice to wannabe gym dudes. This was not the way it was supposed to be. But a devastating knee injury during his junior year ended all of his hopes and dreams of ever going pro.

Austin Grey is gorgeous. Everybody wants him, but he only wants Mitch Montgomery who recently moved in across the way. Austin has a problem. A big very problem. He used to be… fat.

While in high school, Austin was an outcast, unpopular and bullied. After graduation he vowed to leave the fat boy behind and become the wet dream on legs he is now. Easier said than done. While working on his outer self, he neglected his inner self, and he can’t seem to accept the new person he’s become no matter how hard he tries.

All on the same city block, the boys of Banana Court learn to love, live, and sometimes lose as they strive to have a little fun along the way. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I have to say, I enjoy everything I’ve read by this author. The stories, the underline points he makes in the stories the HEA we always get. Just so brilliantly done. And this one was no different.

These ‘boys’ I use that term but honestly they are young men, probably early twenties. Are leaving the parents home and moving into a gay friendly building for the first time and loving it.   Mitch and Josh are BBF and Mitch, always out in the front, getting the men, loving life. Or so he lets on.  Josh is quieter friend.

Austin, also happened to have gone to high school with these two but over the years changed drastically that Mitch doesn’t recognize him.

As they test the waters of the new apartment and the new relationship we slowly learn what it was like for these boys then and now.

Austin and Mitch have a lot of personally issues to over come. Self doubt, self worth and even the way they treat others.

This one is probably a little more drama based then the average story by this author but it worked.


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Josh Connors just moved into Banana Court with his best friend. It’s been what he’s always dreamed of since middle school. Everything should be prefect in his life but there is something missing, or in this case, someone.
Darius Moore moved to Sarasota for a chance to grow closer to his mother. The warm and friendly reunion is anything but as Estelle washes away her hardships–and memories of Darius’s father–with vodka. Out for a walk, Darius meets Josh and there’s an instant attraction. But when Estelle realizes her son is dating a white guy she begins to sabotage any happiness they might find.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Josh finally gets his!

We met Josh in the last story, he’s cute, shy, and totally lovable.

Darius is new in town and feeling his way around.

Darius, is a nineteen year old trying to grow up too fast. Or being forced to, by a mother that is not seeing the bigger picture and won’t seek the help she needs.

And until he meets Josh he feels like he’s in a rut, can’t find a job, can’t help his mother, just can’t.

As him and Josh figure out young love, things start looking better, until.

I like these two. I actually like them better than Austin and Mitch. And I really liked them.  These two are different. They are more mature, even at a younger age. They understand life and the dealing better, especially Darius. Which for the story made great reading, in real life, you thought, poor kid. That;s why I love this authors writing so much, he just drags you in and you can completely see his stories happening in real life.


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