All For You (de Piaget #12) by Lynn Kurland #mf #review #AudioReview

all for you


Peaches Alexander is thrilled to receive an unexpected invitation to a weekend party given by the handsome, eligible Duke of Kenneworth. The only problem: Stephen de Piaget, a stuffy medieval studies scholar who seems determined to get in the way. Peaches has absolutely no desire to get involved with Stephen, until a quirk of Fate sends her hurtling through time…


Stephen de Piaget has been leading a double life: respectable professor by day, knight-in-training during holidays and summer terms. When Peaches goes missing, Stephen knows he’s the only one who can rescue her from medieval peril. Little do they know that the greatest danger they’ll face won’t be the business end of a sword, but their own unruly hearts….addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

Sometimes I enjoy reading/listening to romance with erotic elements and sometimes it’s just nice to read a romance without it. Lynn Kurland’s de Piaget series definitely fits that bill. It has kind heroes, ditzy heroines, time travel, and a couple families where paranormal oddities just seem to keep happening.

Peaches Alexander finds herself without a job and staying at her sister’s castle in England while she tries to figure out what to do with her life. She wants a fairytale like her sister Pippa had – albeit Pippa went back in time to spend the rest of her life with her knight. Peaches isn’t sure she’ll find a knight of her own, but she so wants to. When a duke shows interest, she sets her sights on him, ignoring Stephan de Piaget, a well-known scholar of medieval England. Stephan, who can talk to anyone, anytime, seems to keep putting his foot in his mouth whenever Peaches is around. However, when she accidentally goes to the past, who else could he leave it to to rescue her?

The story lagged in some parts, but overall it was fun, sweet, and definitely romantic. I loved the narrator’s voice. She did the accents and voices well.

I am totally and utterly addicted to the de Piaget’s now. I want my own medieval knight… but only if he’s willing to live in this time. There’s no way I’d do well living in a drafty castle with no running water or modern plumbing.

4 stars.

Story Rating: 4 stars

Audio Rating: 5 stars

Overall Rating: 4 stars

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