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A Dance with Domination

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Recently returned to the UK after living in the States since he was eleven, Andrew Barrett is determined to keep busy and make a new life for himself. He works full time as a copywriter and strips at a club on Canal Street on weekends. But it still leaves him too much time to think. Then he finds the BDSM club, Collars & Cuffs, where at twenty-nine, he is their youngest Dom. Young doesn’t mean inexperienced, however. All this activity keeps him focused with no time to dwell on the past. But the past has a way of intruding on the present.

It’s been four long years since Gareth Michaels last set foot inside Collars & Cuffs. But when he finally summons his courage and steps back into his former world, he finds the man who drove him away is still a member, and what’s more, he wants Gareth back. Two men in pain need the freedom they find in each other, but it takes another man’s horrific plans to make them see it.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

Book 4 I enjoyed, but something was missing. First off, the story spent more of its time in a strip club than in Collars & Cuffs. I enjoyed that our Dom was a copywriter by day, stripper by night. It isn’t often someone paints a dom as a stripper.

I think in one novel it is difficult to deal with the emotional angst of both of the main characters. One character, yes. But when both characters are suffering, it’s hard to make sense of it in just one book. Plus, there’s still one part I don’t get. Andrew mentions early on something about the last time he had sex with a sub, something bad happened afterward. By the end of the book, there truly was nothing that brought those two pieces together. Because he would have sex with non-subs. Just not a sub in a scene? That made no sense. Considering what happened to the sub in question had nothing at all to do with a scene or him.

One scene I found interesting. Andrew has dinner with a domme and tells her the differences between a gay BDSM club and a pansexual BDSM club. I already knew about the intensity of play in leathermen clubs. But some of the things Andrew said never happen in pansexual clubs? Uh, yeah. They do. It’s all about where you are. In one city I lived in, sex and single tails were allowed in their pansexual club (or at least they were when I lived there). In another city, they weren’t. It isn’t about being in a gay or a pansexual club. It has to do with the people behind the club. Or the way the local BDSM’ers are.

I wish I could state what exactly the problem was with this book. I just… I rushed through it to finish it because if I didn’t, I knew I wouldn’t. I just never got that attached to Andrew or Gareth. And I need to feel attached to the characters in a book.


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