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Zuir Day


Nothing invigorates the five Carter brothers more than an honest day’s work–and the right woman to come home to at night…

Douglas Carter never expected the summer job he took at the post office ten years ago to become his career. But now, at twenty-eight, he has zero regrets. He’s happy to have a regular paycheck, good friends, and a sweet plan for retiring early.  If only his cute but oh-so-uptight new coworker felt as content as he does…

Janice Baker only works at the post office out of necessity. Her real dream is to become a singer. At thirty, she may be considered over the hill in the entertainment industry, but that just gives her a sense of urgency–and a resolve to date only men of means and ambition. Douglas is obviously not a candidate, despite his good looks. Yet as work forces them to get closer, they discover there’s far more to each other than meets the eye–and that two actually work better than one–on and off the job… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Tasty TeaserTAG

Doug pulled his lips from Jan’s. She followed, not ready for the kisses to end.

“I need to taste more of you,” he whispered, his breathing getting more labored. “I need to put my hands all over that lusciousness, girl.”

Jan sat up and moaned. “Somebody please stop me from doing what I said I wouldn’t.”

He reached for the hem of her sweater and effortlessly pulled it over her head. “Baby, you can’t stop what hasn’t even gotten started.” His gaze was fastened on her globes spilling over the cups. He tapped the bra. “Take that off.”

She obeyed.

He sucked in a breath. “Damn! You’re about to make a brother break his own rule!” He rolled his thumb over her nipple, watching it. “Beautiful.” Bending his head, he gently sucked her plumpness into his mouth while his fingers worked magic on her other soft globe.

The combined actions made Jan shiver and unable to think. That must have been it. Why else would she lift her body up, reach for the waistband of her stretch jeans, and begin pulling them down before he’d even asked her?

The move worked for Doug. He stood and reached out a hand. “I think we need to take this party to the bedroom.”

“Do you have condoms?” He nodded and turned to lead them into his bedroom. Like the living room it was tastefully decorated, orderly, and neat.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jan said.

“Me either,” Doug countered.

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Zuri Day is a hopeful romantic. She believes in happy endings, half-full glasses and dreams coming true. That’s why she’s thrilled to now contribute to the genre she’s read since the age of thirteen, after sneaking into her older sister’s Harlequin collection and getting hooked on “happily ever after.” When not writing, Zuri still loves to snuggle up next to a good storyline, whip up delicious vegetarian cuisine, travel to exotic locations or entertain friends and family between her native Jamaica and southern CA, where she hangs out with contemporary fiction writing BFF Lutishia Lovely. She also loves to hear from readers, and can be reached via Facebook @ HaveAZuriDay and the official website, ZuriDay.com.

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