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Three Sheep to the Wind

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The Banner Brothers are trouble—aggravating, infuriating, distracting trouble. Rich has his hands full taking care of his own sheep, he doesn’t need the added frustration of the Banner Brothers and the way their llamas can’t stay on their side of the fence. Every time Rich starts to get a leg up, something else goes wrong, and it’s always the Banners who are there to bear witness. The only thing worse than them always being around is if they ever catch on to the fact he doesn’t really want them to go.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This very last read, has a great lead up, funny and tender courtship, one excellent romp and then done.

Two things that I couldn’t get a handle on. Time period and where they were? America? New Zealand? Australasia. And I know it was modern. They had cars, but in some way still seemed, old fashioned.

All that was minor to the fact that I simply enjoyed how both of these families blended together so well, the girls taking to the neighbors. The sister understanding the brother and allowing him to embrace his passions. The two brothers across the way, knowing what they want, understanding its a bit unusual and giving time for Rich to become theirs. All of that in around 35 pages on my ereader, months of courtship. Animals growing, people playing, living. Just amazing.

What I didn’t like is that, how it just ended. Do we get more? I mean all seemed well, so no nail biting cliffy, but a wam bam thank you was not the best ending either.


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