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This House...

“This house…lives on the edge of reality.”

What makes a haunted house? The unsettled spirits of the dead? Or the unsettled spirits of the living? When Joey Lodge sustains a severe brain trauma, his delusions take the form of an alien spirit that guides him in the creation of a haunted house. He begins to populate the house with ghosts of his choosing, from family members to criminals, until the line between fantasy and reality blurs and even his delusions start fighting back. As terror in the house ratchets up to a maddening pitch, the alien spirit has one shocking revelation still in store.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

This House is not your typical haunting story. We all think of hauntings that involve the dead, aka ghosts. But, what about the living things that haunt us? This author delves into that side of horror. Joey was injured in a motocross accident and the head trauma caused his mental illness. He lives with his family who each have their own issue, making life even more miserable for Joey.  Joey’s dreams become real to him and they are full of aliens and other supernatural beings, which is easier for him to live with than the “real life” conditions of home. He escapes into his supernatural world, which is fascinating and sad at the same time.

I found the actual story difficult to get into. While I felt for Joey and his diminished mental capacity, I really did not care for the rest of the characters within the story. His “family” was especially hard to connect with – I did not care what happened to them. But, Joey and his fantasies, pulled me into the story and kept me interested enough to want to know more about him and his world. His fantasy world.

Overall, the author’s writing did a great job of creating a character worth feeling sympathetic towards, but the rest of the story was not for me. This House is not a bad story at all. I feel it would be loved by the right kind of reader, but I’m not that reader and it was just ok for me.


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