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Blow a Candle

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Micah is all set. For three years he’s forgotten his boyfriend’s birthday, but this year he’s on top of things. The cake is made and all of their friends are invited to a surprise party. There’s just one small problem…


With another glance at the clock, Micah slowly paced back and forth in the living room. It was only two minutes past five. They weren’t super late. Just… late. It wouldn’t matter. Peter wouldn’t be home until five-thirty, so as long as they arrived within the next fifteen minutes, then everyone would be in place for the big surprise.


He preened a little at that. While Peter and he had dated for almost four years, he had never once remembered his birthday. It wasn’t that he was forgetful or an ass, it was that Micah didn’t see birthdays as all that important and just never thought to remember them. He celebrated all the important things like the anniversary of the day they met and the anniversaries of their first date and kiss. His birthday had never been celebrated growing up and so he just never thought about them.


But he knew Peter did. Peter took him out to a nice dinner every year on his birthday, even when Micah didn’t even realize what day it was. And he had never once complained when Micah realized he’d forgotten his birthday. This year, however, Micah was determined to celebrate it. So much so that he had penciled in the date a year ago and had email reminders sent to him monthly so that he would not forget.


This year, they would celebrate Peter’s birthday with a surprise party. If the guests would only arrive soon. Once again, he checked the clock. Fifteen minutes late.


He paused in his pacing to frown. They couldn’t have forgotten it. He had texted each and every guest twice that day already. Each one had said they would be there on time. So where were they? Should he text them again?


Knowing he was probably being unreasonable—maybe there was an accident on the interstate that had every single one of them, even the ones that lived two blocks away, held up—he set about keeping himself busy. He fiddled with the large green bow atop Peter’s gift. It looked nice. He hoped Peter liked what was inside. It had taken him almost a year to pick out just the right gift. How did one say “I love you like I’ve never loved anyone else and I’m sorry I forgot your last three birthdays and I hope this conveys some of that” all in a gift?


Hopefully the party would say that.


With another glance that sent his stomach sinking to his boots—twenty-five minutes late—he glanced at the decorations. A huge Happy Birthday sign, forty-two balloons—one for each year Peter had lived—a huge cake, and piles of chocolate truffles placed strategically on decorated birthday party plates around the room.


“Come on,” he whispered under his breath as he walked over to glance out the curtains. Not one car. His fingers shook slightly as he pulled back. He’d tried so hard and now everything would be ruined. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to celebrate birthdays. With a long sigh, he turned and went into the kitchen to check on dinner. At least that couldn’t be ruined. Peter had a rather childish love of finger foods, and specific ones at that. So heating in the oven were mounds of frozen buffalo wings, pizza rolls, and itty-bitty tacos. The ding of the oven timer didn’t surprise him. After all, Peter was due home any second and that’s when he had planned for the food to be ready.


As he plated up all the foodstuffs, the buzz of the garage door sounded and he managed not to pout too much. Maybe their friends couldn’t make it to Peter’s party, but he was there and he would still work to make it the best surprise he could.


And then a brilliant idea hit him. Maybe their friends weren’t there, but that was no reason he couldn’t give him a real good birthday. He dropped the hot cookie sheets in the sink and stripped off his clothes as he ran toward their bedroom. His body might not be perfect, but Peter always seemed to enjoy it. And he always relished looking at Micah’s tats. After tossing his new jeans and black button-down shirt on top of the dresser, he ran back out into the living room in his red boxers just in time to yank the Happy Birthday sign down and hold it in front of him as Peter walked into the house.


“Happy birthday!” he yelled.


“What?” Peter said, sounding as though he was not sure what was going on.


Micah peeked around the sign and smiled. Peter was scrumptious. There was no other way to describe him. Dark brown hair slowly turning a salt and pepper that gave him a very distinguished air. While he wasn’t buff, he still had a very nice body and Micah gazed at the suit he wore, wishing it would disappear so he could look at what was underneath.


“Happy birthday,” he repeated. “I know I’ve forgotten the last few years and while you said it didn’t matter, I know it does.” And suddenly, now that he was talking, he couldn’t seem to stop. “So I’ve been planning this party for a year. I’m not sure where the others are. They were supposed to be here at five. But maybe they got stopped on the interstate or something. Anyway, Happy birthday,” he sang and waved the sign around a bit.


A slow smile crossed Peter’s face and he couldn’t miss the loving look in his boyfriend’s eyes. “You threw me a surprise party?”


Micah nodded. “Are you surprised?”


“Very.” Peter chuckled softly as he walked forward and took the sign gently from Micah’s hands. “You are a very sweet man.” After placing the sign aside, he pulled Micah close. “Thank you.” Before Micah could respond, Peter pressed his strong lips against his and he forgot everything for a few delightful seconds. When he pulled back, Micah beamed at him.


“So let me show you what we’ve got.” He grabbed Peter’s hand and led him around the room. “One balloon for every year you’ve been alive. A birthday cake. Tons of chocolate. And all the freaky foods you love.” When they reached the hot wings, Peter grabbed one and popped it in his mouth, a very happy expression on his face.


“This is wonderful,” Peter said, wrapping an arm around Micah’s shoulders. “But should I strip to join in on the revelry?” He waved toward Micah’s almost nude body. “I have to say. I’m enjoying the view.”


With a grin, Micah shook his head. “No. I’ll have to run back and get dressed once people start to arrive. I can’t imagine why they’re so late. I told them to be here at five on your birthday.”


Peter blinked at him. “When was the last time you told them the date?”


“I texted them today. Don’t forget. Five p.m.” Micah picked up a pizza roll and popped it in his mouth. Why did Peter like these things? Processed food sucked. Somehow he managed to swallow it. “And they all said they would be here, but….” He waved around. “Nobody showed.”


His boyfriend looked at him strangely and then his gaze gentled. “When you set this up, did you give them a date? Or just tell them it would be on my birthday?”


Well, that was a weird question. Micah considered. “I told them five on your birthday in the original invitation. Today I just reminded them it was at five.”


With another chuckle, Peter drew him into his arms. “Have I told you lately that I love you?”


Micah sighed and leaned into his embrace. “I love you too.”


“I know. You spent an entire year planning a surprise party for this day. Don’t tell me,” he said, a slight teasing note in his voice. “My birthday was on a Tuesday last year, wasn’t it?”


Confused, Micah nodded. “Right. And every year, the date moves one day on. So your birthday is a Wednesday this year.” He let out a slow breath. “It’s been hard to keep all that straight, but I did it.”


Peter’s arms held him closer. “Damn but I love you. But, love…, This was a leap year.”


Micah looked up and frowned. “Yeah, we got an extra day in February. I’ve never understood what the big deal about that is. Unless a person was born on February 29. Then I can see it being a big deal.”


With laughter, Peter patted him on the ass and then pulled away to pick up a pizza roll. “A leap year ads two days to a date,” he said softly before popping the roll into his mouth. “Which means my birthday is technically tomorrow.”


Confused, Micah dashed to their bedroom and grabbed his phone. He looked up the date the year before and then this year and felt the blood rush out of his face. He got it wrong. Everyone would show up tomorrow at five expecting a surprise party only to find out he did it the day before. “Oh shit,” he said as he put the phone back on the dresser.


“Hey,” Peter murmured and wrapped his arms around Micah from behind and pulled him back against him. “I love that you did this. You put an entire year’s worth of thought into celebrating my birthday.”


“But I got the date wrong.”


“I don’t care.” Peter grasped his shoulders and turned him around, looking right into his eyes. “Micah, this was amazing. I feel special.”


“Really?” Micah felt a little hope he hadn’t mucked things up too badly.


“Of course I do. You spent a year planning this. You made my favorite foods. Put up signs and balloons which I know you aren’t fond of.” Peter smiled and pecked him on the lips. “And the best part? You and I get to celebrate my birthday. Just the two of us.”


Trying to catch up, Micah looked down at the red boxers and then back up. “You don’t mind that I got the day wrong?”


“Not at all. In fact,” Peter said in a contemplative voice, “since you thought it was my birthday, then I think we should act like it is my birthday, don’t you think?”


He nodded slowly, trying to figure out where this was going. It sounded like Peter was pleased and in the end, that was all that mattered.


“So, if it’s my birthday,” Peter went on as he began to undress, “then as the birthday boy, I get to choose our activities, right?”


“Sure.” Micah still didn’t understand birthday parties, but the one thing he had figured out was the birthday boy could do anything he wanted. Or so Peter told him every time it was his birthday.


“Good.” Peter stripped off the last of his clothes and pointed to Micah’s boxers. “Leave those on for a few minutes and follow me.”


“Do you want to open your gift?” Micah asked as he followed his boyfriend toward the kitchen.


“Nope. I’m assuming, since our friends are coming tomorrow, that there will be another party, so I can open that present then. Tonight, I have a far different present in mind.”


That caught his attention, especially as it was accompanied by a leer. “That sounds good.”


Peter pulled a small container of milk out of the fridge and poured it into their mixer before turning it on. Then he walked around the small space and found a small container of chocolate topping. “Hold this.” Micah grabbed it, watching as milk changed to whipped cream. When he turned the mixer off, Peter pointed toward their dining room.


“I want you naked on your back on the table,” he said as he picked up the whipped cream container and a spoon. “It’s my party and I’m having dessert first.”


Micah’s mouth dropped open but he rushed to the dining room table. “But it’s your birthday,” he said through a haze as he pushed his boxers down and hopped up onto the wooden table. “Shouldn’t I be doing something to you?”


“You are,” Peter assured him. “You’re letting me have my dessert.”


Micah leaned back on his elbows, his shaft showing its interest by standing up. “Dessert’s up, birthday boy.” He wondered where Peter would start first.


With a wicked grin, Peter picked up a glob of whipped cream and plopped it right on top of his cock. “I always believe in blowing the candle first.”


That did it. Not only would they have the not-so-secret surprise party the next day, but he would start planning the next one very soon. And he would make sure Peter had a chance to blow a candle as often as he wanted.


Would it be strange to celebrate his birthday monthly? Before he could consider it, Peter wrapped his warm lips around the tip of Micah’s dick and thinking became impossible.