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Get Your GREEN On

Okay, so we’re in March. Everyone got their green on? Yeah, I always hated that have-to-wear-green-on-St.-Patrick’s-Day thing as a kid. And when I found out that some adults do it, I was miffed.

And then one day, I looked at it differently. GREEN. Green M&Ms are the horniest, right? So maybe getting one’s green on can mean something entirely different.

And it fits the time. We’re in March, possibly coming off a heavy winter and we are still stuck inside because it’s bloody cold outside. So what to do? What to do? Hmmm.

Get those green M&Ms out ladies and gentlemen. I bought a huge bag right after Xmas and it’s been sitting around. But it’s time to make use of this month to make it as GREEN as we can. So, what saucy, sensual, sexy, or downright horny thing can you do this month to GREEN up your life?

A: Increase your sex life with your spouse/partner? – No, I don’t want to hear the excuses. Put the kids with a sitter, turn off the phone and television, get out the sexy lingerie (Or crop if that’s your preferred turn-on gear) and plan a full night of debauchery with the one you love. Then carry it through.

B: Find someone to have a sex life with? (if you’re currently single)

C: Wear sexy clothes?

D: Eat lots of GREEN M&Ms? (Hey, can’t hurt! And think sexy thoughts while you’re doing it. Or watch a sexy movie with someone whose pants you want to get into.)

E: Keep your eyes open for flirting?

F: Do something out of character just for fun?

G: Buy sex toys?

G: Do something GREEN every day of the month?

Imagine how different, exciting, and totally GREEN your life could be if you did something sexy or seductive for 31 days straight. I’ve dug out 31 green M&Ms and will eat one after I’ve done my GREEN for the day.

Mmm. 31 days of GREEN. I’m in!