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Prickly Business

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Some people might call Avery Babineaux a prick. He’s a hedgehog shifter from an old-money Louisiana family with a penchant for expensive shoes and a reputation for being a judgmental snob. His attitude is why he and his fated mate are estranged. Not that Avery cares. He doesn’t want to be mated to some blue-collar werewolf anyway. Or so he keeps telling himself.

No werewolf likes to be looked down upon, least of all Dylan Green. He doesn’t need a mate, especially not some snotty hedgehog who sneers at his custom motorcycle shop and calls him a grease monkey. But when Avery gets into trouble with a shady loan shark, Dylan can’t stand by and let him be hurt—whether he wants the brat or not.

Yet once Dylan steps into Avery’s world, he realizes there’s more to Avery than his prickly exterior, and that unexpected vulnerability calls to Dylan’s protective instincts. The sassy little hedgehog needs a keeper, and despite their horrible first impressions, Dylan starts to believe he might be the wolf for the job.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Avery met his mate 2 years ago, a wolf who didn’t want a mate, especially not a hedgehog.   So being just like his animal, he reacted with sarcasm to cover his hurt.  Since then he has tried to stay away from Dylan his mate.  When he gets in over his head and his family turns their back on him. He is saved by his mate.  Avery is confused, thinking his mate doesn’t like him.  He has learned his lesson, he starts over doing small jobs for the pack.  As he learns to live on what he makes, a new friendship arises from an older pack member.

Dylan has been fighting the pull for his mate for entirely to long.  When he finds out that Avery is in danger, he runs to save him.  That starts the beginning of their mating.  Dylan is a stubborn wolf, he fights the pull.  His wolf won’t  let him walk away, and the more he gets to know Avery the more he loves the cranky hedgehog.   He also realizes that Avery always seems to land in trouble.

I was surprised by this book, it was much better than I thought it would be!  I couldn’t put it down. Once I started it, Avery is lovable and honest.  He is surrounded by people who continuously put him down, or expect him to fail yet he has a heart of gold and won’t let anything stop him if he thinks he is right. Dylan is the original night with slightly tarnished armor.  He fights it until he just can’t anymore then he does everything wrong, but for the right reasons.

Overall a great book!

4 stars

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