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The Best Laid Plans

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It’s a foolproof strategy…until the emotional balance shifts.

After yet another adoption falls through, Gabe is ready to give up, and Shahid isn’t far behind him. Apparently, being a gay couple—half of which is Muslim—is just one strike too many for the powers that be.

When their friend Kendra offers to carry their baby for them, both men balk at first, but gradually warm to the idea. Especially Gabe, whose bisexuality is open to the chemistry among the three of them.

The plan seems simple. Kendra and Gabe, foregoing the cold, impersonal IVF clinic, paperwork and red tape, will conceive the old-fashioned way. They’ll all share parenting responsibilities, and live happily baby after.

But as the heat flares between Gabe and Kendra, Shahid’s long-suppressed insecurities bubble to the surface. Then some unexpected news catches the trio off guard and derails their plans—and now one heart could be left out in the cold.

Warning: Authors subsist on the tears of readers. Please recycle your hankies by wringing out and reusing. We’d hate to be the cause of a worldwide shortage of Kleenex. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Tbird_s ThoughtsTAG

The days of college will long be forgotten but there are some friendships that are made which will last forever.  Lucas started out being assigned to the Army Brat named Amanda.  She has a life plan for the next eight years and nothing was going to derail her path.  Lucky for them, they found to appreciate each other’s strengths and passion and their families were accepting of this deep friendship.

Now that the goals have been obtained for both, life has gotten boring for Amanda, nothing inspires her, thrills the soul or drives the passion.  Lucas once again has to come in to check on his “little sister” and save the day.  With a proposition that would give a much needed change to Amanda’s stale live, could more than a friendship finally be blooming between these two?

I found some comical moments in this story, Lucas and Amanda did often act like siblings with their banter and the level of care and concern shown, but I felt restricted in being able to really invest in either of them.  The writing style was smooth and flowed effortlessly but the mass amount of description went towards fashion and interior design and objects, description of emotions and thoughts were more limited.  For someone like me who could care less who the designer of my jeans are, this bored me and left me wanting to skim the book to get to the human emotion that drives me as a reader.

The plot and relationship was well worth the wait, the passion was hot and I felt I was cheering them on to take this friendship to the next level but I didn’t get the amount of enjoyment that I had hoped for because I was constantly bombarded with facts regarding clothing, furnishings, house décor and business, none of which I am even remotely interested in.


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