My Last Season With You by S.V.C. Ricketts #ff #review @SVC_Ricketts

My Last Season With You


“Dealing with your own terminal illness is easier than telling your best friend that you’re in love with her. Just sayin’.” – Regina Callahan

Reggie Callahan has come to terms with her prognosis of less than a year to live. She’s been dealing with it all summer thanks to blacking out and falling off her horse back home in Wisconsin. Instead of starting her junior year, she’s only back at New York University to tie up loose ends. One of them is breaking the news to her childhood friend, actress and model, Desi St. Clair. For Reggie, telling her that she is sick, and leaving the city is harder than learning you’re going to die.

Until Desi kisses her.

This isn’t a story about gender preference or about living with cancer. Plain and simple, it’s about love and what people are willing to endure to live without regrets and savor every moment.

Portion of all sales will go to Free2Luv, a non-profit charity that supports anti-bullying & the freedom of expression.

**This is a STANDALONE novella. It is not part of a series, and does not contain a cliffhanger. This book is intended for mature audiences. Does NOT contain explicit or graphic sexual scenes. **addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Where do I even begin with this review? This story tore me apart and made me cry big, ugly, tears. I became so attached to these two characters that I felt every emotion along with them. While this is marketed as a FF story, it is really about the emotional relationship and bond between two women who love each other. No sex, no steamy romance. Just raw emotion. It’s the kind of story that tugs at your heart and soul. In a good way.

Reggie has been diagnosed with cancer and has to tell her best friend. She goes back to NYU to tie up loose ends and tells Desi. You see, Reggie has been in love with Desi since forever. So, when Desi kisses her, she is shocked and happy at the same time. Desi wants to devote her time to being with Reggie. But, Reggie doesn’t want Desi to give up school and her modeling to take care of a sick friend.

I really these two women. No matter how far apart they are, their love was still as strong as always. It truly is the kind of story that is full hope, love, sorrow, strength, and most of all, peace. All of that packed in the few pages makes it the kind of story everyone should take the time to read.


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