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Jimmy Brink and Eric Halter grew up together in a small country town. While Eric has always been content with life as a rancher, Jimmy wanted more and moved to Chicago early on to pursue a medical career.

Life has a way of coming back around. When Jimmy’s parents decide to retire in Florida, Jimmy returns to his hometown to finish his residency at a local hospital. Flamboyant boyfriend Oliver in tow, Jimmy bumps into his old friend. Eric quickly takes a disliking to Oliver though, and for good reason. Oliver proves he’s not only self-centered but also a cheater.

When Jimmy finds out, he sends Oliver packing, not knowing Oliver is vengeful and maybe even teetering toward insane. Soon Jimmy and Eric are fighting to take back their hometown, while Eric finds it more and more difficult to hide his attraction to his best friend.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I believe I’ve read or listened just about ever book by this author. And enjoyed all of them. And this one was no different.

What I really loved about this one was how different it was from the others. Doctors and cowboys, oh my.

Jimmy runs away to college, only to come back to finish up his residency when his parents tell him there leaving.

So when Jimmy comes back to town, as a buffer he brings his current boyfriend, Oliver. Knowing he will never work in this town or in this relationship.

When he left town, Jimmy left behind his best friend Eric. In Jimmy’s eye’s him and Eric remind BBF, Eric see’s it different.

As Eric and Jimmy fight the strain in the new/old relationship. Jimmy soon discovers that Oliver is up to his old tricks and kicks him out.  As Eric and Jimmy discover that the feeling that they have been hiding from each other are both shared and welcomed, Oliver is making life difficult.

This story was pretty straight forward. Man runs away because of feelings for best friend, brings back, boyfriend, BF cheats, BF is kicked to the curb and BBF and BBF find that both share equal feeling, act on said feelings. What I didn’t find, was all the hype about Oliver making this huge deal/stink/drama. Sure he showed his ass a couple of times. But I excepted more. IDK.

I did like Eric and Jimmy having to rediscover each other as friends and then lovers. That they never did try anything prior to college.  So all the small acts, hay/dong fight which leads to dip in the pond for example was sweet, sexy and perfect.

Over all a really sweet tale, hop all works out in the perfect HEA they have planned.


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