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Mountain Murder Mystery

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The Severn family—Jeff and his wife Phyllis, Lynette and her new fiancé, and single Andy—has gathered at the mountain home of their grandmother, Mary Agnes Severn, to celebrate Thanksgiving and hear an announcement regarding their late grandfather’s will. With news of an escaped convict in the hills, everyone is barely settled in before a huge snowstorm strands them in the large old house with only gas lamps and lanterns to keep the darkness away.

Local sheriff Roger Dickerson arrives to check on the family and seek shelter from the storm. Sparks fly between him and Andy as long-held passions bubble just under the surface, but before they can address them, Mary Agnes’s three servants are murdered one by one. Who is the murderer? Is it the escaped murderer? Is it someone in the house? Everyone has a motive, and everyone has the means. What’s going on between Andy and Marcus the handyman? What’s going on between Phyllis and Marcus? Is there something going on between Roger and Marcus? It’s (snow)bound to be a wild week of murder, mystery, and mayhem!addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Where to start, there are a lot of characters in this book and they all play a part to keep you guessing,  I thought I had figured it out pretty quickly and to a degree I was right, up to the point my who done it was murdered.

To start from the beginning, there are 3 adult grandchildren who don’t know that they are about to receive one million dollars each as an inheritance.  But then they find out that there are three more illegitimate grandchildren, they had grown up with them and they worked for their grandmother as the maid, chef, and handyman.  After Roger (sheriff) arrives because of a landslide caused by the storm,  the first is murdered.  Roger questions everyone then has the body moved to a cool place out of the main part of the house.  Mary Agnes (grandmother) tells Roger about the secret passages in the house.  With the power out, lighting is by gas lanterns, candles and flash lights.  Low lighting makes it hard for Roger to look for any clues.  As the time spent trapped in the house due to the weather stretches on the body count keeps rising.

Andy feelings for Roger are growing, and Roger can finally admit his love for Andy.  Lynette’s relationship with her fiancée has gotten stronger, and he has won over the family.   Phyllis is stressing over something but she is firmly with Jeff.  It also comes out that escaped murderer from the mental facility, is Everett’s (Lynette’s fiancée) older brother.  So we have three grandchildren who could have done it, their spouses, a murderer on the loose, or the grandmother?

I absolutely loved this book, it had its funny moments.  The characters we realistic, normal family arguing between members until someone outside the family tries to step in.  Plus the whole who done it, as they try to figure it out.  It’s a great story for anyone who likes an upbeat mystery.



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