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Mood Indigo

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What happens when a powerful connection forms between two damaged strangers?

Found injured by the side of a road, Bill Ward suffers from retrograde amnesia. Having no recollection of his past, he feels like a nobody. Romance is definitely not an option for a nobody. Jazz singer and piano player Johnny Desmond, on the other hand, is emotionally dead from the ultimate betrayal. But from the moment their eyes meet, there’s no fighting it, and with their friends’ encouragement, Bill and Johnny decide to get to know each other.

Bill’s memories are hovering at the edge of his mind, tormenting him with fear and doubts about what he has to offer. Johnny also has a past—one that could endanger his life. It might have been love at first sight, but it will take courage and commitment to see it through to love that lasts forever. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Liz Cat

Mood Indigo by Ken Bachtold tells the story of a car accident victim who suffers a unique form of retrograde amnesia. He doesn’t just lose memories he loses his entire sense of himself. Worse still, no one comes to claim him. So, he heals with no identity, and no one to help connect him to the first part of his life. He chooses the name Bill Ward, finds a job connected with his math skills, and develops a love for jazz – and an attraction to a jazz musician named Johnny.

The concept was an intriguing one – how does a man with no past navigate the messy world of adult relationships? The answer, unfortunately, was that he really didn’t. Everything was too perfect. Johnny was transcendentally drawn to him, defended Bill against his ex, and works very hard to convince him to take a chance on their love. For his part, Bill resists their obvious connection because he didn’t want to burden Johnny with a man who doesn’t have an identity. The whole relationship from the attraction, to the interaction, to the resistance, and everything that came after felt contrived – as did the dialogue.

I’m giving Mood Indigo three stars for a solid concept that fell short. While I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but others may feel differently.


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  • Ken Bachtold

    Ah, damning with faint praise, i.e., just like a stilletto into an author’s heart!!

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