Mastering the Beast (Taming the Beast #3) by Tina Donahue #mf #mfm #review @tinadonahue

Mastering the Beast

“Surrender is the only option she desires.”

“Taming the Beast,” Book 3

No one believes that under the tough attitude and schoolgirl fashion sense, reformed demon Zoe burns for a man, love, and sex. She keeps those urges on ice and well hidden. She sold her soul for a guy once, and all it got her was a one-way ticket to Hell.

Her job, keeping supernatural creatures in line at From Crud to Stud, is all work and no play. Until she s saddled with a trio of new enforcers who ooze so much sexual heat she s afraid to be on the same planet with them.

Stefin, Anatol, and Taro try to contain their laughter as their adorable new boss tries to lay down the law. Apparently, no one told her they don t take orders. They give them. And they re determined to smooth her rough edges and tame her beast with acts so wanton they ll make her scream for more.

Talk about all hell breaking loose. Surrender won t come easily, but given their devilish charm and her aching need, her journey to submission is one done deal.

“Warning: Contains an unholy trio of demons who don t like to take turns. Break room snacking. After-hours training sessions. In other words, a sensual ride on the pleasure express. Features m/f/m/m sex in every flavor except vanilla. Bring. It. On.””addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Zoe is a reformed demon who is working at a Salon that caters to the supernatural. She acts as the enforcer and is shocked when three new, sexy, stud, hot, enforcers are hired to help. She has been on self-imposed celibacy, so these three men are not what she needs right now.

Stefan, Taro, and Anatol are all demons who do not take orders from anyone. Nor do they know how to woo a woman and want a submissive female at their feet. That is not Zoe, but the attraction between them all is there and in full force. They all want some kinky, hot, sexy, demon sex with Zoe. She fights against the attraction until the three men break down her walls and finally convince her to try things their way.

I was prepared for a sexy story, but the humor is what pulled me in. The trio pushes Zoe’s limits and she fights back with her sassy, sarcastic wit in a way that kept me howling with laughter throughout the story. Yes, I love a good sex filled book, but the writing and humor are so well done that I couldn’t help but want more! I am wondering if the rest of the series is this funny, because I would love to read more by this author!


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