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Leo Caldwell’s life can be summed up in two words: ho hum. His job at a tech-support call center offers little in the way of excitement and outside of spending time with his two best friends, Felix and Julie, his social life is nonexistent. When Felix decides it’s time for the three of them to try something new to spice things up, they go all out… and take a drawing class at the local library.

But that’s when everything changes. Leo meets Aud Sorenson, owner of Bright Thoughts Gallery and resident art teacher at the library. When Aud gets to know Leo and his friends, he feels an instant connection with the cute and geeky Leo and asks him to pose for a sketch.

As sparks fly between them, Aud discovers he has a stalker who’s willing to do anything he can to make sure Aud is his and his alone. Aud and Leo hope their blossoming feelings will be enough to see them through the chaos that erupts around them. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Disclaimer – This book contains a secondary character being raped. We do not actually get the actual act but the verbiage of the act and the ramification of afterward physically and mentally.

So this books starts out fine, Leo and his two friends go to an art class to change up there boring life. Aud is a gallery owner and the teacher of the class.

One look and Aud is intrigued by Leo and Leo is smitten by Aud.

But every time these two get together something happens. Or feel like someone is watching.

As they realize, Aud has a stalker and they try to figure out who it could be, they get the news that Leo best friend Felix was raped.

Now dealing with the stalker and rapist as well as trying to start a new relationship. These two have a lot going on.

So, I have to say, I found a lot of things I didn’t care about this book.  The overall complete negativity towards most all the characters minor as well as the MC’s. Different professorial working branches public and private sector and negative comments about them and or how they are acting under certain conditions. Even bringing up a type of hate art. The rape that was thrown in with out any disclaimer, that I saw. And then that being a sub story or second story within this main story. So it never went away.

Even though, from learning that we’ve got two crimes going on, it’s pretty obvious it’s the same person doing both. It’s not clear to me, on why we’ve got the second. Maybe I missed it, but I never did figure out why ‘Axe’ targeted Felix? Random or did he know it was Leo’s BBF and hoped it would break up the budding relationship with Aud. IDK.

When Aud and Leo got to spend a few minutes together they seemed to have clicked. And we got to see what it would be like for them in a normal setting. However, for them it must have been enough, because by the end they got an HEA.



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