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Desert Journey

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Kynn arrives on Penal Colony 3 to write a report about conditions at the prison and in the small surrounding town. The trip comes with the added bonus of seeing his sister, Mireille, who is stationed there. But when two inmates escape the prison and take Mireille with them, fleeing to the unexplored territory outside town, Kynn refuses to just sit around and wait for news. He joins the small rescue party, expecting a rough time of it– sleeping in tents, avoiding wild animals, eating poor excuses for food. What he doesn’t expect are the feelings that develop between him and the expedition leader, Amir.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Kynn is excited to see his sister for the first time in ten years.  He arrives on the planet and is surprised to be met not by his sister a member of the “Sister of Mercy”  but a guard from the prison Sophia.   As he is given a tour of the prison and town, he gets the impression that Sophia is not one who agrees with the Sister of Mercy guidelines.  At the end of his tour he calls them to set up a meeting with his sister and is told that Mireille, is sick.

The next thing Kynn knows there is a pounding on his door, Sophia is distressed there has been a jail break.  Two inmates escaped and took a hostage.   Kynn just knows that Mireille is missing.  Their is only Kynn, Sophia and Amir the tracker.   Kynn is drawn immediately to Amir, but he puts all feelings aside as they track his sister.  On their  search for the convicts they come across the indigenous wild life, some deadly some they are able to domesticate.

Amir has had a really hard life and does not trust anyone easily. After being betrayed by the penal system as a teenager he learned to trust no one except himself.  Amir has taken it on himself to help those he can all the while keeping to himself.  When his cousin Sophia comes to him about the prison break he does what he can to help both Sophia and Kynn.  Amir is surprised by the amount of determination that comes from Kynn. He admires Kynn’s ability to forgive after fighting in the war.  They are jumped by the convicts shortly after finding Mireille.  Will everyone survive, can they fight off nature’s predators?  Will Kynn and Amir find a middle ground?

This is a really good book. It’s a quick read, meaning it flows so you really don’t  notice how long you are reading.  The characters are well written, with just enough other worldliness to give the story a strong basis that you are on another planet.

4 stars

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