Darker Cravings (The Mythical Knights #2) by Candice Gilmer #mfm #review @candicegilmer

Darker Cravings

Mythical Knights, Book 2

When Nicole Bernard realizes her life is so boring, her only excitement is reading spicy romance novels, she resolves to make a change. A huge one—as in pulling up stakes to move across country to Boston, hoping life will go from humdrum to humming in no time.

She’s not even done packing when she gets her first dose of “interesting”. A friend drags her out to a club, where she enjoys a sexy sammich dance with two men who make her blood pump harder than the music.

James Henrick and Joseph Oliver have been looking for someone to complete their vampire trinity bond, and their first taste of Nicole convinces them she’s the one. Though they mean to take their sweet time seducing her, things flare quickly out of control.

One moment, Nicole is asking herself why she has to choose between two tasty morsels like James and Joseph. The next, she’s on a one-way trip to immortality—and she doesn’t even remember buying a ticket.

(Originally released as A Darker Trinity from 2008-2012 with Lyrical Press–expanded and reworked)

Warning: Contains two hot vampires who don’t mind sharing love bites, and a sweet Midwestern woman who realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore when she wakes up with a morning-after migraine from hell. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Vampires, ménage, lust, danger, and mythical creatures out of a story book. All of these things make this such a wonderfully, sexy, story that I couldn’t get enough of. Nicole meets two incredibly attractive men at her going away party. She is supposed to move to Boston for a new job opportunity, but after James, and then Joseph, each spend a night with her, things change.

James and Joseph are as close as any two men can get. Best friends for their entire existence, they have been looking for a long time for the woman to complete their triad. Nicole is that woman, but when they accidentally change her during a night of passion, she feels more trapped than wanted.

I loved James and Joseph together. Even though they were not lovers, they were as close as ever and bonded until eternity. They used to be part of a triad with their maker, but she was killed after her hatred for humans caused her to kill one too many times. As for Nicole – I found her to be a little whiney and annoying at times. Yes, she was a follow the rules kind of girl, but her need to question everything made me want to scream! However, I enjoyed how James and Joseph, eventually, brought out her wild side and made her less rigid and more open minded to trying new things.

The secondary part of the story, the suspenseful part, was woven perfectly throughout the book. Never once did I feel as though one part over powered the other. The Templars were there to protect Nicole, but they were also looking for the vampire turning new vampires and creating an army. It turns out that the vampire in question is the brother of James and Joseph’s maker, which played well throughout the story. Well done!

Overall, this is a well done, well written, sexy, suspenseful, story that I enjoyed. I love this series, the Templars, and the rest of the cast of characters and can’t wait to see where the suspense story line goes in the future.


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