A Collar and Tie (Ganymede Quartet #4) by Darrah Glass #mm #review @darrah_glass

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A collar and tie are more than just clothes.

To Henry Blackwell, they represent freedom and choice. They don’t mean as much to Martin, but he wears them to the Metropolitan Ball, an exhilarating rite of passage for masters and slaves alike. At the party, drunk on champagne, Henry convinces Martin to act against his better judgment with devastating results.

Fearing Martin will be taken from him, Henry does what he believes necessary to keep Martin by his side, but Martin doesn’t agree with his methods, and they’re at odds when they most need to act in concert. Henry feels he’s been wronged, but can he find it in his heart to forgive Martin? Perhaps more importantly, does he deserve forgiveness himself?

This is the fourth and final installment in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing the story from A Willful Romantic (Ganymede Quartet Book 3). addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

Once again Glass has completely blew me away with the story of Martin and Henry.

I do want to say upfront that this is a true series and should be read in order to be able to fully under grasp and enjoy the story of Henry and Martin.

Glass has a great skill in writing to where they write in such a way that I was completely drawn into the story and could imagine everything as the characters were going through it.  The places they were visiting, the problems that they faced — everything.  It was so easy to picture it all because of how Glass was able to spin the tale.

I did enjoy getting to see what happened in this book because I still had so many questions left after reading the previous books.  I do have to admit though, I was still left with questions even after finishing this book.

I do hope that Glass will write another story with these two in the future because I’d love to see how Martin and Henry end up in the future.

I couldn’t recommend this series enough simply because the story will draw you in and leave you wanting for more and more.


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