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Bearly There

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One surly bear and one bunny boy…what could possibly go wrong?

Jagger Osterman is having a bad day. In fact, he’s not the slightest bit impressed with 2015 at all. His job is on the line, and it’s not like he loves being a marketing wunderkind, but he has to do something to pay the bills. If he had his way, he’d just vanish into the mountains and live out his life as the black bear he yearns to shift into. Unfortunately, Jagger doesn’t have the time to let his beast run. He has responsibilities that he can’t walk away from.

Kevin Kelly could tell Jagger a thing or two about bad days, bad years, and just out and out bad luck. He made the mistake of smarting off to a curandera years ago and hasn’t been able to shake the curse she put on him yet. There’s not an area of his life that hasn’t been screwed up in one way or another. As a pronghorn shifter, he’d be okay on his own in the wild. Sure, there’d be predators, but Kevin had come to realize the worst predators were the human kind.

But he can’t shift. He’s been solidly bound to human form since being cursed.

Two men, both trapped in their own ways. They’re about to find out that freedom comes in many forms. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This was try to be a sweet tale of a cursed guy that finally met his match and possible his love in one ill fated birthday sing a gram that went south fast.

Kevin and Jagger have a rocky beginning, between Jagger almost being fired because of the singing tell a gram and Kevin staying away from Jagger from what we later find out is because of a curse he picked up many years prior. These two have a hard time connecting, and so did I, with them and others in the story. Maybe because of the third wheel sister, who is supposed to be a home body recluse because of a hunting accident, but I’ve known several through out my life, and she’s not like any I’ve know. Although I’ve not known and bear shifter ones, so maybe.

Once, Kevin finally tells Jagger and us why he’s so klutzy and why’s he’s pushing him away I was to the point in the story of throwing my hands up and saying enough, with the slap stick comedy, but then the big reveal and all the falling down, running into things, tripping made since, just the reveal to me came too late. I’d lost interest.

The second part, of Kevin and Jagger running around and trying to get the forgiveness of the curandera is a better story and you can see the closeness that these two are forming while dealing with this issue. But over all not one of this authors better books.


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