Assassins are People Too (BOOK ONE) by S.C. Wynne #mm #review @SCWynne1 @loveunleashed

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Marc Francis is a paid assassin. Other than that, he’s a pretty normal guy, like how he’s got a little thing for the blond guy in 39D. Just a normal guy with a normal crush, until one of Marc’s enemies tries to get the drop on him in the elevator and then it’s the blonde cutie to the rescue: Dillon Carter, from 39D, sacrifices his potted plant to save him.

Instantly, Marc and Dillon develop a strong sexual connection. As the months go by, while they steal time together, it develops into something more. But Marc doesn’t really do relationships, and Dillon worries Marc will never be able to love him back the way he needs.

Also, when you’re a paid assassin, not everybody is rooting for your happy ever after. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

From the so cute elevator scene to the crap I guessed, now you’re gonna have to kill me. This is not your typical assassin book. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dillon is this completely unassuming guy that works in a book store comes home and talks to plants. Or at least that’s how he see’s himself.

Marc, or that’s the name he’s going by for our purposes. See’s Dillon in a different light. He see’s this charming, kinda shy, tough guy that he wants but because of circumstances is better off not following through on those wants.

Marc and Dillon fall into an easy give and take relationship. Dillon stays home while Marc travels. When Marc pops up out of the blue, life is really really good. And they are good together.

Until things get dicey and Marc takes Dillon with him. Now one starting a new life and one trying to retire from one we get to see how the other half live.

Until something goes wrong and we get a call, jump a train to Paris and the book ends! Yes folks, we get a cliffy ending.


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