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Ashes on a Distant Wind

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Before the Vrete came to Earth, Donovan Riggs was a man of faith. By the time they were gone, he’d left that part of himself behind for good. In the aftermath of a war nobody won, humans live in a world they destroyed in order to keep it for themselves.

Riggs is simply trying to survive. With Beau Greer, a young medic who stumbled into his life and then refused to leave, Riggs travels dangerous roads between long-dead cities. Scavenging doesn’t offer much of a future. It barely provides for the present. But Riggs will do anything to protect what’s his.

When thieves threaten to massacre a nearby town, Riggs and Beau must make a difficult choice, even if it means putting themselves directly in the line of fire.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Riggs is older and feels responsible for Beau.  They have been traveling and surviving together for 2 years.   Riggs sees Beau as his, companion and friend.  Times are dangerous, people will kill for food or transportation.  Riggs just wants to be left alone, so that Beau and him can live in peace.

Beau drifted away from home as a child, by the time he was 17 he was a medic patching up solders hurt in the war.  After the planet was poisoned and the war ended he was just wondering on his own.  When he was starving he ran into Riggs and they have been together ever since.  He is now somewhere in his early 20’s.  They scavenge what they can and trade it for what they need.  Beau is realizing that he is drawn to Riggs in a personal way.  This is confusing for him because he doesn’t want to mess up their relationship that they have now.

When a situation comes up and Riggs is drawn into a new physical relationship with Beau and must deal with his feelings.  Mostly they are excuses so that he won’t get hurt. Although he can only fight this new attraction so long.  After they both talk things out and decide that they are better together, they find out a town was attacked.  Everyone was killed, Riggs finds one person still alive and is told that they are headed for another town.  Riggs and Beau plus a few friends rush to the town to warn them. Will Riggs and Beau get there in time?

This book shows the destruction man is capable of.   It also gives you the range of compassion and strive to survive that we all have inside.   Inside all of us is the ability to destroy and to nurture.  At the end of the day it all comes down to is personal choice.  Riggs a man of the church, maybe not your run of the mill priest but he still believes.   Beau a young child who grew up in the midst of war and death yet still became a man who saves people.  Two complete oposits yet they end up saving each other and anyone else they can.


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