Alternate (Omnibus Edition) by Ernie Luis #mf #review


The complete series of short stories, The Alternate Series
Part 1 – Origin
Part 2 – Backwards
Part 3 – Aversion
Part 4 – Rescission

In 2020, Greyson Tolbert’s daughter died at eight years old.

In 2030, he became the most lethal assassin for The Watchtower, a secret organization that uses time travel as a means to bend reality in their favor. If he works for them long enough, he’ll get to go back and save his daughter. Or so they say…

Now, after a fellow assassin goes rogue, Greyson learns the truth behind The Watchtower, all its dirty secrets, and all the promises they’ve failed to keep. With the timelines hanging in the balance, Greyson must choose between saving the past, or saving the future.

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Having already read the first installment and enjoying it, I was happy to see the rest of the stories together in one collection. Greyson found out that he was a pawn for the company he works for. The ending of the first installment left me gasping and kind of pissed that I couldn’t read more. (I didn’t have a copy of this, yet). I was angry at the story, but Mr. Luis delivered a story worth waiting for and the rest is just as good as what I already read.

This version is so full of twists, turns, surprises, and angst that leave the reader gasping at what is going on. While it can seem a little odd the way the story goes, it is in a good way. The author creates a world where nothing is as it seems because of the time traveling aspect and anything can be changed with the push of a button.

Greyson learns who is manipulating time and who created the machines to allow travel. He has been torn apart by loss and grasps at any chance to make things right and bring back those he loved. It is difficult to summarize the plot without giving away any secrets (and there are a LOT), but I can reveal that it is very easy to sympathize with Grey’s heartache and pain. It feeds him and allows him to be who he is and do what he does.

Overall, this is a fantastic story that just happens to deal with time travel. While, I’m not normally a fan of the time traveling genre, I absolutely adored this story and where it went. It’s such a quick read and well worth picking it up if you like suspense and adventure.


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