Wisteria Witches (Witch Cozy Mystery and Paranormal Romance) by Z. Riddle #mf #review

Wisteria Witches

“Best debut paranormal romance / witch cozy mystery series of 2015!”

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WISTERIA WITCHES is a complete, full-length novel.

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Wisteria Witches is categorized as a witch cozy mystery, but it is really a fun, witty, sarcastic, amazing, and well done story told in the first person by the author. Zara Riddle moved into a new home with her daughter, Zoey, in a new town. What they learn about the house, town, and people living around them is that things aren’t as simple as they once thought. The house has a ghost, their neighbors are a bunch of hunky/furry males, and Aunt Zinnia lives in the town, too. But, the big news Aunt Zinnia has for the pair is that they come from a family of witches.  Yes, witches with real powers. Those powers come to the females when they turn 16, so Aunt Zinnia wanted Zoey nearby to help guide her. Zoey’s powers haven’t manifested, but Zara’s sure have and she can move objects AND has a connection with ghosts. That makes it awkward living with the ghost of the deceased owner of their house. She communicates with Zara and wants her help finding her killer.

I absolutely, positively, loved, loved, loved this book and could not put it down!! The dialogue is witty and sarcastic. The relationship between mother and daughter (Zara and Zoey) reminds me so much of the way my oldest and I act. The secondary characters throughout the story were not boring at all, and the story kept moving forward, even when it went off on a tangent within the dialogue. It made me feel like Zara was really conversing with me and telling me about what was going on. LOVE THAT! And, as for the connection between Zara and her hunky new neighbor, Chet? Hello!!  They were on fire…and that is without any love scenes within the pages of this book!

It has been a long time since I loved a story this much, and this one is a MUST read by everyone!


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