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The Winter Prince

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His heart stolen by a powerful pari’s magic, a young prince’s veins slowly fill with ice. That is what the stories say. Three years have passed since, and all efforts to save Kisin have failed. He won’t survive another winter. To save the prince’s life, Razin, the court wizard and Kisin’s childhood friend, plans to seek out the pari. But unbeknownst to Razin, Kisin’s heart was never stolen; he gave it freely to escape the pain of impossible love—his love for Razin.

Razin won’t accept Kisin’s fate, for reasons obvious to anyone who knows anything of love. Kisin agrees to the desperate quest, out of duty and a need to protect Razin. But it isn’t long before Razin realizes saving his prince will require more than simply retrieving his heart. Razin will have to convince him to want it.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Kamen Bey is the Winterview Prince.  Nicknamed the Arrow at a young age, for his unbending dedication to whatever he was told to apply himself to.  He was so dedicated to his duties, that he never learned how deal with his emotions. So when he is overwhelmed while still a teenager, he does what he thinks is right. Offers his heart to a kind and powerful Pari’s keeping.


Three years later Kamen will not survive the winter. He knows this, but it doesn’t matter to him.  He has learned that with no heart he has no feelings and the heat actually hurts him.  The suitors keep coming why he’s not sure but he keeps telling him that he cannot feel anything for them he won’t love them and they leave. His mother Queen is upset and tell him he must make this year, and she sending him to a warmer climate so that he can get better.


Rezin, the court wizard, and Arrows friend from childhood decide he is going to try to find the Pari to win back Arrows heart before he dies.  Of course they go together.  They come across many hardships and pick up additional travelers along the way.  Everyone that travels on this journey learns valuable lessons about life, love, and friendship.


I’m not going to say much about anyone else in case there is a book about them in the future.   One thing I will say is all the characters are very real in the way they tackle the real life like problems.   Rezin is definitely my favorite in this book. He is stubborn, realistic, and an overbearing pushy wizard who will go to the end of the earth to get what he wants!


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