Thianna Durston Monthly Spotlight

Thianna DurstonTS


Can you believe it’s February already? I can’t. And of course, this month is one of the most… hated in all of the year. Why? Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a lover on Feb 14th, the day sucks. And for one such as me… well, the only year I had a boyfriend ON Valentine’s Day, he chose to break up with me ON that day. So yeah, not my favorite.


But I like to look back and see where some of our hallowed days are from – usually they are more fun. So what came before Valentine’s Day? Lupercalia. Or as I like to think of it – Spanko Happy Day.


So what was Lupercalia? It was a pagan festival that took place mid-February. Priests would sacrifice a dog and a goat on a sacred spot, skin the goat, and then go around Rome smacking women on the ass with said skin. No. I’m not kidding. The women didn’t mind it as they believed it made them more fertile. And, at the end of the day, all their names were put into a cup and the eligible men in town picked from it and were paired with said spanked wench. Supposedly those matches ended up in marriage. But, seriously, who cares?


Be honest… who stopped reading after you found out Lupercalia was a spanking holiday? From shock? Or excitement?


Through the years, it is well known the Catholic church decreed religious holidays to take the place of pagan holidays as they worked to turn more pagans Christian. Well, I don’t know about you? But I would much rather have Lupercalia than Valentine’s Day. A spanking or a box of chocolates?


I’ll take the spanking, thanks.


Oh yeah, and all the plot bunnies that take off when I read about something like Lupercalia. Next year, you might find me celebrating the festival of Lupercalia with a book release. Because hey… that might be fun.