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An Iron Eagle Gym Novel

Lance Packet just got a contract to shoot an erotic BDSM deck of cards; the only problem is finding models. So far everyone he’s interviewed thinks he’s looking for sex for hire. Then in walk three perfect examples of men: Tide and his friends, Tyrone and Bran.

Tide Germaine is a model and a Dom. He and his best friend Tyrone opened The Iron Eagle Gym as a place for gay men in the lifestyle to work out, do scenes, and congregate with like-minded men. The modeling is just another job for Tide, but it soon turns into a grand seduction as Tide falls for the shy, self-conscious photographer. The problem is Lance doesn’t believe he’s in Tide’s league, and he’s not at all sure about the Dom and sub thing.

It’s not going to be easy, but Tide’s going to have to convince Lance he belongs at Tide’s side as both lover and sub.

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Completely different from what I’ve read by Sean Michael and yet, still brilliant.


This time We’ve got a shy, possibly geeky photographer that has been hired out by a private party to take pictures and present an erotic set of playing cards. (Can I say, I want this set once the book and photo shoot was done. That storm scene!)

Then we have three guys, two masters and a sub to one of the masters that agree to the shoot.  The two masters are best friends and you can tell they have a special bond even before the sub was brought along.

As the shoot goes along and Tide see’s how Lance is and what Lance needs he’s more and more drawn to him. As well as Lance, he’s always known something was missing but figured out it was just him. Until Tide and even Bran show him that  there is a better way.

Tide and Lance together are magic, the way he’s so gentle with him. But understands that Lance needs a firm hand. That that’s what’s missing. And Lance, embracing this new way of thinking, acting and being. The self confidence you can see growing in Lance is amazing.

We also get to see Tyrone and Bran grown and strengthen that established relationship.

And of course we are left with a perfect HEA.


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