The Mormon and the Dom by Nix Knox #mm #review @NixKnoxAuthor

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He didn’t know what he needed until he found it…

Disillusioned Dom Ronan Porter has hung up his whips and chains. Longing for someone who needs submission as much as he craves control, Ronan realizes he’s become just another way for self-loathing gay men to get off. Done with the lifestyle, he buries himself in work. But when a blond, blue-eyed innocent requests his services, he can’t resist the challenge.

Repressed Mormon Noah Cameron has always known he was different. When he discovers the leather-clad world of BDSM, he’s intrigued, and desperate to submit. Noah seeks out a Dom to show him the literal and figurative ropes. But dark, sexy Ronan exceeds Noah’s wildest fantasies. He sees right through Noah’s fears and dares him to surrender completely.

alling in love is easy. But staying there takes work. When a savage attack lands him in the ICU, Noah is caught between his deeply religious family and his devoted Dom. With so much pushing them apart, it will take more than courage to stand together. It will demand everything they have.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16A-nony-mouseTAG

I saw this book months ago and considered getting it at the time, but didn’t. But finally I gave in and purchased it. How could I resist? A Mormon guy and a BDSM dom? It sounded like an interesting dramatic element. In the end, it was and yet the dramatic elements were too simple for me.

The bad: A BDSM relationship is intense and love can happen quickly, but it happened TOO quickly in this book. Like almost immediately on both sides before there had been any energy exchange. Also, a strong D/s relationship can truly help a submissive stand up for themselves and raise their self-esteem. But again, it does NOT happen overnight. It takes time. Unfortunately, in this book, Noah reversed his self-esteem and awkward issues too quickly. He and Roman weren’t together very long and yet after each session, suddenly he made huge leaps forward. I would have preferred seeing more time go by as it would have felt more realistic.

The good: I adored both men. Roman was more like what I consider a regular dom – after all, they are regular guys – and I loved how he teased and was so laid back. Noah was so sweet, the kind of guy you want to wrap up and make your best friend. And their love story was sweet. I definitely rooted for both of them and was very pleased with the ending. The author did make them go through some difficulties, though they had less to do with their relationship and more to do with a major dramatic element that had nothing to do with them as a couple and everything to do with an antagonist out for blood.

All in all, a sweet romance. Don’t expect any hard-hitting BDSM in here. This is not a dark book, but more classified as D/s romance.

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