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The Fire King

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Evolin: Book Three
Sully is summoned back to Maestraad by the entity who took control of Tylan’s body when Tylan perished. This Fire King—now calling himself Okhela—offers Sully a bargain he cannot refuse: if, after six months, Sully fails to fall in love with him, Okhela will return Tylan. The trouble is, as much as Sully wants to hate Okhela, the Fire King rules with wisdom and generosity… and Sully cannot resist the attraction he feels toward the handsome king. Though his heart will always belong to Tylan, Sully gives in to his body’s demands.

But can Sully trust Okhela to keep his word? With assassins on the loose, can Sully keep the Fire King alive long enough to find out? With the future of the kingdom—as well as his heart—at stake, Sully must call upon old friends and new to protect the Fire King, who might hold the keys to both.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Sully is hurt and angry, he resents losing the love of his life.  He would do anything to have the love of his life back.  But he doesn’t think it is possible, so he goes on with resentment in his heart.  Until Okhela brings to him a compromise that he can’t walk away from.  The chance to get his love back.  All he has to do is spend time with Okhela for 6 months.  Sully finds himself fall in for Okhela, he is doing a lot of good for the people, and is a great king.  But Sully heart will always belong to Tylan.

Tylan was born with the Fire inside his body, at a time when those magic were persecuted.  All Tylan wanted was to live with Sully, but he is the prince.  He never wanted to rule.  As his father hunted him down, he left Sully to face him alone.  Tylan was lost as Okhela took over.

Okhela, the Fire King, was the magic fire that lived inside Tylan.  Okhela loved Sully and wanted nothing more than to have him by his side forevermore.  He has watched the love grow between Tylan and Sully for years.  So to him it was natural to love and want him close.  As they spend time together he just wanted more from Sully.

There must come a time when everything comes to a head, Sully is tired of waiting for Tylan to be brought back.

This is a wonderful story, it has pain, betrayal, love, and forgiveness.  There is assassination attempts and good friends.  A well-rounded story with great characters.

5 stars

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