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Taking the Long Way

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Male escort Rye Bellamy is looking for a way out. Any way out. He’s getting older, and clients are getting more dangerous. If he doesn’t find something better, he knows he won’t survive.

He sees his chance in Marcus Townsend, a functionally blind Army veteran. Marcus, who refuses to accept his condition as immutable, has a shot at seeing a specialist who might be able to help him—but that doctor’s based on the other side of the country.

When Rye and Marcus meet, they realize they can help each other. Marcus can’t drive, but Rye can. Marcus knows what Rye is, but he likes him anyway. In fact, he more than likes him. Driving cross-country with a near stranger is a daunting task, but Rye’s biggest risk is falling for the gentle, stubborn-hearted soldier—and it might already be too late to stop that.

They plan to part ways when they reach their destination, but plans change as the affection between them grows. Now neither wants their journey to end, but continuing means finding a way to bridge the distance between who they were and who they’d like to become.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Its not often you find a story with a unique story line, or unique to me, anyway.

Several things I just loved about this story.

First, Rye, he knows what he is, even when he starts on this road trip, he knows and it takes a lot for him to shake that if he ever does. I liked this, the fact that it wasn’t something that was turned on and off just because of geography.

Marcus, injured in the war, with a specialist in Atlanta that could possibly help his vision but no way to get there.  This was also a good character, the I can do this attitude.

Even the brother and daughter, living in a one bedroom, just surviving, none of these people came from money, but they all want to survive somehow.

Rye and Marcus, what a pair, both damaged, both hiding from each other and life. Neither one will trust, each other, other people, both want the same thing. But they need to find themselves before they find each other. No matter how hard it will be on each other and others around them.

I did find Marcus a little childish, with his overheating because he refuses to hydrate or tell Rye. Towards the middle, end that was getting old.  I get it, you want to be independent but we all need help. Also, Rye, even though I said I liked the fact it wasn’t turned on and off, by the end this poor me, everyone wants to f’me. old.

Over all a good story, little draggy in places, but we got our HFN ending.


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