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They must escape danger before they can have their Hollywood ending.

After a few cinematic bombs lower his box-office appeal, actor Adrien Fury wants Harrison Langford to bring his career back to superstar status. He would also love to learn more about his mysterious and handsome agent, if he could ever get him alone.

Harry has loved Adrien for years but never revealed his feelings. He keeps things professional between them and will do whatever it takes to make sure Adrien gets what he wants. When increasingly disturbing letters show up at his agency, threatening horrible things against the man he loves, Harry vows to protect Adrien at all costs.

Adrien and Harry are on the verge of revealing their true feelings to each other when danger strikes. Maybe they can share a lasting love…if Adrien’s stalker doesn’t get to him first.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Double TimeTAGAngela_s PonderingsTAG

Several of my fellow bibliophiles love Knight’s writing and have raved about her various works. While I read and enjoyed Hollywood Bound, the time period the book is set in is not my favorite, so I didn’t continue the series. As such, I’ve been trying to find another of the author’s titles to review, but each time the opportunity to review one of her books has presented itself, my schedule hasn’t allowed for it. So to say that I was tickled pink when Star Power came up for review would be putting it mildly. At less than 100 pages, I knew I could easily squeeze it into my review schedule. And let me tell you, it might only be a novella, but it’s certainly a full story and one I’m glad I got the chance to read.


Adrien is a successful actor whose career needs a bit of a boost after a couple of lackluster films. He is also gay and has been in love with his agent for years – his straight agent. Feeling foolish for pining for a straight man and dealing with the stress of a flagging career and an unknown stalker whose threats have been escalating in frequency and intensity, Adrien is at a loss of what to do. But despite his feelings for Harry, Adrien knows that the one person he can trust to be honest with him and do what’s in the best interest of his career is Harry. After only a few pages of reading, it was clear to me that there was a connection between the men beyond that of a ten-year professional relationship. Granted, being inside both Adrien’s head and Harry’s head made it easy to see how much they cared for one another and why Harry kept his feelings for Adrien so closely guarded that Adrien never even suspected that Harry was gay. While the circumstances were less than ideal, the way in which Adrien discovered that his agent wasn’t as straight or as unflappable as he thought proved to be a bit humorous even as it brought home how serious the stalker threat was. The situation also gave Adrien the “in” he needed to get to know Harry better – and boy did they!


While it seems like things move rather quickly once Adrien learns that Harry is gay and attracted to him, you have to keep in mind that they’ve known each other for nearly a decade and that each man has carried a torch for the other almost that entire time. So once the truth is out, all bets are off and neither man is willing to wait any longer. The issue with the stalker merely ramps up the tension between the men as Harry is finally able to give free rein to his protectiveness over Adrien’s safety and Adrien enjoys knowing that Harry cares for him on a personal level, not just as his agent or as a friend. What I liked about how the stalker angle played out is that Knight kept the stalker’s identity a mystery until he revealed himself. Much like real life, there was little to nothing to go on in identifying who the stalker was and this left the police spinning their wheels. I also liked that while the reader knew from Harry’s inner musings that his sexual tastes were not vanilla, Knight did not rush the couple into a full-fledged BDSM relationship. We did get to see Harry introduce Adrien to a thing or two, but the experiences were consistent with what you would expect for a newbie. My only complaint is that I wasn’t ready for the book to end. I really hope that Knight gets the chance to write more of this couple’s story as I would love to catch up with Harry and Adrien again soon. I really enjoyed Star Power and will be making a concerted effort to read more of the author’s work.


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Something a little different from this author.

Story starts out pretty straight forward. Actor and agent loving each other from afar. But then we take a swing into left field with the stalker. Which added this amazing dynamic and twist to what could have been a lovely but normal story.

Adrien and Harry have had a working relationship for ten years. In all that time both have developed feeling for each other but for different reasons stayed away.

These two are so perfect together. Harry needs to dominate Adrien but not smother him. And Adrien needs a strong hand to guide him. In work and personal life.  It’s almost lucky Adrien had a stalker, or they could possible circled for another ten years.

As things on the stalker front start coming to ahead, the author does a wonderful job keeping is guessing who it could be all the way up until the end.

And of course bad guy caught, HEA done!


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