Smoldering Hunger (Dark Kings #8) by Donna Grant #mf #review @donna_grant @SMPRomance

Smoldering Hunger

Darius is back. Edinburg thought it had seen the last of this seductive Dragon King, but that was before Darius found something worthwhile. He just can’t stay away from the impossibly beautiful Dr. Sophie Martin-even though he knows that a passion this strong could prove detrimental…for them both.

Sophie tried to forget her encounter with smoking-hot Darius to no avail. He’s in her dreams, tempting her. But her association with Darius catches the attention of another, putting her
in mortal danger. . .and Darius, who has vowed to protect her, is her only hope. But can she trust the notorious dragon shapeshifter? The only thing she knows for sure is that she cannot resist him… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 The Reviewer JoyTAG

Darius is still in Edinburgh hunting down Dark Fae but his mind is on something more than taking down the vermin that plague the streets of the Scottish city. His mind is focused on the passionate interlude he had with the good Doctor Sophie Martin two weeks ago and how much he would love to repeat that moment. However, his past ways heavily on his mind and he’s not interested in sparking up any type of relationship with a human but when Ulrik decides to play a game using Sophie as an instrument to hurt Darius in order to play out his plan to destroy Con, Darius is forced to spend more time with Sophie in order to protect her.

Sophie and Darius were hot from the very first moment they gave into their lust for one another and that heat grew each time they met up. It was almost too much passion and it overshadowed at times the emotional connection they felt for one another. However, once the two finally opened up beyond the physical and talked about their pasts and truths the emotional connection became the highlight of the relationship and helped build up the idea that the two were much more than mates put together by the hand of destiny. They became that once in a lifetime love that many dream about.

I appreciated Sophie’s independence and I loved how Darius placed emphasis on her not giving the career she adored so much. He saw that part of Sophie as one of the things that made her an admirable person. That adoration for her talent of healing made for an equal stance in the relationship, which I found lovely and refreshing.

As much as I liked Sophie and Darius’s story I have to admit my mind was far more focused on my favorite character, Rhi. There was so much going on with Rhi in this book I could hardly contain myself. The change in Balladyn, the watcher’s turn from neutral viewer to someone reaching out to comfort Rhi, and the angry confrontation with Con. I can’t wait to find out what all this means and WHO Rhi is destined to be with in the end and what side will she choose!

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