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The real hero of this story is dead. You should have met him. He was a beautiful man. The love of my life. I didn’t deserve him.

Now what’s left are the jagged edges of the person I am without him, and what I have to do to get by. This isn’t even a story about love. Not really. It’s a twisted tale of revenge and hate—a happily never after.

The only man in my life now is the one I have to kill.

I’m Savvy Raine.

I used to be a wife.

I used to be a mother.

Now I am the Revenger.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Sara Squared_s MusingsTAG

Just when you think Debra Anastasia can’t get any better you get a book like this. I could not put this book down; it was – in a word- awesome. I came out of book reviewing retirement for this one as a matter of fact. You’re welcome, Debra.

So, this book starts off with our girl Savvy at the unmarked graves of her husband and daughters. She doesn’t want to go on with her life because who wouldn’t feel that way after a tragedy like that? Her brother Toby does not want that to happen and keeps an eye out for her. So, what’s a woman who’s lost everything to do? Become a mercenary killer, that’s what. She tracks down people with red auras and helps them to meet their end. Yeah…you can see where this story is going.

You need to prepare yourself for this one because it’s not a love story. No, sir, it is not. It’s got a huge paranormal element to it because Savvy can see these people’s auras and when she’s ending them and their bad deeds it brings her closer to her lost family. Then Sagan enters the picture and, well, you just have to see for yourself.

If I had to describe this book in one word, I’d say it was epic. This story really pulls the reader in, and I know I felt a connection with Savvy, even if she was a cold-blooded killer. I had no preconceived notions about this; I just know that if it’s written by DA then I’m reading it. It’s so much different than the other books I’ve read by her but completely stunning. The ending was exactly as it should have been – it’s worth getting to.

So, get this book. Read it. Get wrapped up in it so that you ignore all your other responsibilities for a day or two. It’s that good. 5 stars.


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There was very little chatter after the alarming phone call. Savvy looked at the clock. It was only five, but the extra help Tallow had enlisted acted like she was about to disintegrate. When they were finally done, they hung Savvy’s costume from a door, fully expecting her to drop trou in front of all the strangers.

She looked at the silver outfit meant to demean her and classify her as his, just like all his other favorites.

“Yeah, I’m not actually going to be wearing that.” She looked from one shocked person to the other.

Tallow recovered first. “But this is what he told you to wear!”

Savvy laughed hollowly. “Yeah, he can suck his own d*ck for all I care.”

The atmosphere changed. The others now realized Savvy didn’t think it was a huge honor to be a f*ckhole.

“That’s not acceptable. I’ll put you in it myself if I have to, but you’re leaving here in that outfit.” Tallow bravely gathered up the skirt and came into Savvy’s personal space. He obviously thought she was just a regular girl.

In an instant she’d lifted Tallow into the air by his neck. “I’m not wearing it.” She stared him down until he began to turn blue. Then she set him back on his feet.

Tallow was a quick learner and smoothed his fancy shirt. “Okay then, let me see what else we have.”

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