Passion’s Triumph (The Doms of Passion Lake Book 4) by Julie Shelton #MF #MFM #review

Passion's Triumph

Former SEAL Dr. Lucas McKay and his brother Alex, former FBI undercover agent have been looking for their lifetime submissive. And they may just have found her in the new Director of the Passion Lake Library. She’s sweet. She’s curvy. She’s adventurous. She’s a green-eyed, freckle-faced redhead with the world’s sexiest glasses. And she’s chock full of secrets. Not the least of which is the fact that she writes steamy BDSM romances in her spare time.
When they discover this, they offer to act as her temporary Doms, giving her lots of first-hand experiences designed to enrich her writing and make her D/s scenes more authentic and emotional. Since she’s as attracted to them as they are to her, she leaps at the chance. But she has another secret. She’s a virgin who has never done any of the kinky stuff she writes about. So she insists on two conditions. No nudity. And no sex.
Unfortunately, Lily has another, even deadlier secret. One with the potential to destroy not only her but the two men she’s come to love. Will death triumph? Or will love?

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I’ve read a few of Shelton’s Passion Lake’s books and the one thing that I enjoy most about them is how different they are.  They don’t seem to repeat the same story line, but instead all stand on their own.

Now, with that being said, I haven’t read all of them, and am still able to follow along quite well with the series anyway.  With this book, Shelton does go into a little bit of details about the previous couples/groups from the other books when Lily is meeting the women for the first time.  So that also helped to fill in the gaps that you may have.

With this trio, I have to say that I completely enjoyed Lily and Luc.  Alex though, I didn’t really like his character.  He was very pushy with his brother and it got to the point where I seriously wanted to smack him upside the head.  I get that he was wanting this for him and his brother, but the way he was acting was like a child and it was so annoying!

Luc’s character made perfect sense to me because of everything that he had been though, you can’t blame him for what he was dealing with.  And how he was dealing with it.  Lily was also super sweet I believe.  She was willing/wanting these two men yet she was still afraid to trust them.

I felt like this story progressed extremely well, and it was a fair balance between the smut factor and the suspense that Shelton added.

Overall, I was completely pleased with this book and I can’t wait to read more from Shelton from the future.


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