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Orlin didn’t know when he put himself up for sale that he would be responsible for changing a kingdom.

Broke and homeless, Orlin puts himself up for sale as a pet. Approached by his new Master, Orlin decides maybe being owned by a gorgeous king wouldn’t be fate worse than death. He doesn’t expect to become the one person who changes the views of an entire kingdom…or to be more than a lover for the man who buys him.

At first sight of the sexy oiled sub, Aester Fall knows he’s not leaving until Orlin belongs to him. He might be hanging on to his kingdom by his fingernails but he knows some things are worth the fight. When he returns home with Orlin, he learns his new pet might not be as pet-like as he first appeared.

Neither man expects to change the fate of a world…much less two of them.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a brief scene of attempted rape.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released under the same title. It has been re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

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Orion was raised with all the advantages of the upper class, as he is part of the extended ruling family.

He suddenly finds himself alone with no way to support himself, and his so called friends have deserted him.


He is smart and figures way to support himself.  Sets himself up in a submissive auction, where after he serves his time he gets a large portion of the auction fee.  He figures it’s only 5 years and he has been trained in self-defense, he can put up with almost anything for 5 yrs.


Meet King Aester, a very strong and possessive man.  Aester wants a mate not a pet, when he sees Orion he just knows that he is the man he is looking for.  Aester figures that he has as 5 years to win Orion’s heart.  Aester will do whatever it takes.  The more they are together the stronger there feelings grow.  Aester loves learning about his pet/mate, he is amazed at his abilities and his gifts with languages.  How he makes people around him feel special and important.


Orion has fallen deeply for his master/king, but has no idea that Aester wants him for more than a pet.  When Orion is given a chance to change his station in life the choice is simple.


I really enjoyed this book, and this series so far.  I can feel the fear and hope that comes through with each of the submissives.  The overwhelming need to care for them from the masters. Each book is a standalone story, in my opinion you get a better feel for the emotional tie that builds between the characters if you read the series.


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