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Brendon Marcus lives for his work. A boy genius who fast-tracked his way to college professor by his early twenties, he doesn’t know any other way to be. People confound him. So when Josh Horton, the assistant football coach, pursues him, Brendon isn’t sure what to make of him.

Josh has his own problems. His successful parents aren’t particularly happy with his career path, and some of the players don’t like having a gay assistant coach. He begins to have doubts, but Brendon makes the world look a little brighter.

But when Brendon’s department head starts to make trouble, Josh and Brendon discover that standing up for each other is the first step to standing up for themselves. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

I loved this book. I loved how scatter brained Brandon was and how he had to figure out what dating was. That the brainiac and the jock got together was totally cute, especially as Josh was so highly protective of Brandon right from the beginning. Grey throws in some annoying bosses and douchebag jocks that Josh has to put in their place, but the story itself is wonderful.

My only wish? That he had appended an epilogue. I wanted to be sure that Brandon’s head of dept would truly stay out of his hair from then on.

5 stars. If you haven’t read Andrew Grey, this would be a great introduction.fivestars Purchase LinksTAG

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