Kendall’s Promise (The Magus of Miami Book 1) by Cecile Tellier #mf #review @CeecTellier @evernightpub

Kendall’s Promise

Alysia Renaldo’s life was fairly typical and without troubles until the day a hurricane hit her family home in Miami. The storm and the aftermath would forever change her life.

Kendall Cerda had been waiting for the moment he would see Alysia again. He didn’t count on it coming with a threat to her life and safety. It will be up to him to protect Alysia and put a stop to those who would take her from him.

They will need to work together if they have a chance of survival when the danger of a fanatic extremist group comes for Alysia. Navigating Aly’s feelings for Kendall will complicate things. Will they make it through the obstacles together or will their lives together be brief? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Alysia has led a sheltered life. Her parents only wanted to protect her, because of what she is. Her father made Kendall promise to protect Aly in the future and that is what he does when her life is in danger. Kendall has always been in love with the beautiful Aly, so he brings her into the fold of his family to keep her safe and unharmed from those who want her. Aly finds out that she is so much more than imagined and she can’t trust everyone around her for fear of them wanting to use her.

I have to say, I found it difficult to continue with this book in the beginning. But, I’m glad I pushed through because it did get better as it went on. Kendall’s love and devotion to Aly is undeniably sweet and consistent. He has loved her for a lifetime and wants her to have everything he heart desires. He gives her the protection he promised to her father, but also much respect for who/what she is. He treats her in a way she has never been treated before….like a person and not the breakable little girl her parents thought she was. Their pairing was refreshing and worth pushing through, for. As for the suspenseful part of the story, it worked out well and kept me wanting to read. I won’t give anything away, but it did surprise me on how it went. While this isn’t the strongest beginning to a series that I have ever read, it was good after overcoming the hurdles.


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