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After a run of bad luck, gifted horse trainer Cole Frasier thinks he’s lost his touch. When he’s offered three times his normal rate to gentle a stallion, he needs the money badly enough he jumps at the opportunity, even if his boss is of questionable morality.

Once he meets Midnight Blood, he knows there’s something special about the horse, but he doesn’t know how special until he begins sharing dreams with the magnificent steed.

Derek Dancing Hawk is a horse shifter trapped in his horse form due to guilt over losing the wild herd he was guarding. When he meets Cole, as Midnight Blood, he wants to find a way to be human again. During a fight between Cole and the ranch foreman, he manages to shift and save Cole, but his transformation from horse to human is captured on camera. This not only gives Cole’s boss blackmail material, but also creates the need to warn the horse shifter council of the threat to their anonymity. The existence of shifters is a closely guarded secret, one they will go to great lengths to keep. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Cole is hired to tame a stallion, but when he meets his new boss he is not certain he wants the job.   He has a bad feeling about this whole set up and hasn’t even seen the horse yet, once he sees the stallion he is lost.  He will do whatever it takes to gentle this beautiful animal.  He feels a conception right away, thankful that his gift has not left him.  He is trying to recover from the loss of the last horse he worked with.  Cole is what they call a horse whisperer.


Derek is a guardian shifter, he can shift into a beautiful horse stallion.  He is mourning over the loss of his herd.  Derek is locked in his horse form.  He feels responsible, he is curious about this new human on the ranch.  He makes him feel calm and good.  That is not possible, yet it happens.  Derek sees bad things happen and steps into help and this puts both Cole and Derek in danger.

As the two of them try to figure out a way to save themselves and keep others from ending up in the same predicament they find themselves in.


This is a story of healing.  It shows the different ways people and animals look at the same circumstances and the different ways they react to them.  I love both the characters in this book because they give such different points of view.


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