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Jason Sinclair isn’t very good at relationships, which is no surprise given a childhood with an eccentric father and an unloving, emotionally damaged mother. After leaving home at seventeen, Jason has spent the past four years doing everything he could to stay away. That changes when he learns his mother is dying of cancer, and he grudgingly returns to Larame Bay to say good-bye.

Word on the street is that Jason will sell his family’s property and run back to LA the minute his mother dies, but when Jason meets the new groundskeeper, the sexy and confident Adam Trent, all that changes. As Jason begins to fall for Adam, he surprises everyone, including himself, by sticking around after all.

However, it doesn’t take long to realize someone out there desperately wants Jason gone from Larame Bay and will make sure that happens—one way or another. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I’ve enjoyed most everything I’ve read by this author and this one was no different.  What I find most amazing is the difference in story telling from Wynne. She can go from fire fighting to snow and now a writer with mother issues.

This mystery has us guessing who keeps leaving Jason presents of poison snakes, setting a shed on fire and other things  all while trying to reconcile with his mother before the cancer takes her.

Helping him comes to terms with everything is the new gardener, Adam.    And I just have to add, the scene in the kitchen while Jason was making the pasta and Adam was ‘helping’ HAWT. And no sex was involved while making the pasta. But the touching and foreplay……. WOW

While Jason and Adam try to figure out what exactly is happening, we get to follow along and solve the mystery right along with them.  The ending I have to add, was a nice twist.


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