Henry (The Beck Brothers #1) by Andria Large #mf #review @Author_ALarge


Henry Beck, the gorgeous CEO of an advertising company, was in need of a new personal assistant. He expected HR to hire someone older, more experienced, maybe even with gray hair. Who he got instead was the beautiful, young, single mother – Claire Russell. A woman who he is having a hard time keeping his eyes off of…

Claire never expected her new boss to be the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. She also never expected him to be sweet to her two year old son, Ethan. But Henry is her boss and there is no future with him. Or so Claire thinks…

Will Henry and Claire be able to fight the obvious attraction between them? Will Henry’s overbearing mother come between them? Or will a freak accident change their perspectives on life and what’s most important. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

Henry is stunned when his new personal assistant shows up for her first day.  She is gorgeous, here he is expecting a more mature person.  So he lays down the rules and tries to be a hard nose.  Well that worked until she is in tears and worrying that she is going to lose her job over a simple mistake.   Then it happens, a personal issue causes her to leave work.  She is off work for a week.  Henry goes by her home to check on her and meets her 2 yr old son.  The love between him and Ethan is immediate.  Henry never even knew he wanted kids until that moment.

Claire is happy to get the job as a PA of the CEO of a company.  She is excited to start, little does she know her new boss is not a fifty yr old man but a handsome man in his thirtys.  She is instantly attached but knows that she must keep things professional.   She is a single parent, Ethan is her life.  As they work together they grow to respect each other.  Both as professionals and people in general.  When Ethan gets sick she must take time off, she is surprised when Henry shows up later in the week with a present for Ethan, and dinner.

That begins a friendship that slowly grows into more between them.  They have stumbling blocks even before they are a couple.  When Henry gets sick Claire steps up to make sure he is taken care of.  That’s when Anne, Henry’s mom, tries to push Claire out of Henry’s life.  Anne believes that no one is good enough for her son’s and makes them all miserable.  Claire won’t be put off unless Henry tells her to go.

There is a lot of turmoil in this story, and secondary characters.  It’s like you are part of the family.  The stresses that come from an overbearing parent, and siblings that are having problems.   I really can’t say which is my favorite character in this book, I really liked all of them.  I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

4 stars

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