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Fantasy For a Gentleman

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For two decades Corbin Leroux has worked on the planet Wish as a high-priced companion. He loves his life where physical pleasure is encouraged and has no intention of quitting it. Corbin sees his clients almost as part of his family. Not even when bounty hunter Emmanuel Leoniste comes to kill him will Corbin roll over and give up his lifestyle.

Despite being a hired killer, Emmanuel lives by a strict moral code. Killing whores is acceptable, and easy. Or it was until he met up with Corbin. Worn down by the pesky Corbin’s resolve, Emmanuel accepts Corbin’s bribe and calls off the hit. But the truce might not last. Emmanuel’s mounting desires for Corbin cause problems. He refuses to allow anyone close enough to become intimate with him, especially someone like Corbin. Yet with each smile and soft kiss, Emmanuel’s emotional shield is dismantled piece by piece. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16April's Showering Words

Corbin is confused by the feelings he has for Emmanuel, the man was hired to kill him yet Corbin doesn’t fear him.  He is drawn to him, now all he has to do is trying to figure out why he is so drawn to him.  After Corbin is caught the second time by Emmanuel, he makes a counter offer that puts Em on his side.  As he learns more about Em the desire to be close to him just gets stronger.

Emmanuel is hired to do a job, and he is very good at following through.  His job is to kill a sex worker, what he feels is a home wrecker.  He believes that there is no good reason to be in that field and they are all just whores.  When Em meets Corbin he is somewhat confused and surprised by his attraction to his target.  Corbin doesn’t act like he thinks he should, and he is also attracted to the man.

The longer they work together the attraction grows between them.  As they try to figure if they can work a compromise out between them and also work on figuring out if it’s possible to remove the hit on Corbin.

This book has a humorous way of looking at hired killers and high-priced companions.  Just thinking an out the 2 in one sentence make me smile.  You get a different view of both walks of life in this story.  Corbin has been doing this job for 20 years and loves his job.  Em does not say how long he has done his job but he is very good at it and has trained others so it has been a long time.  They both have a strong set of morals and stick to them.  A good book with lots of action to keep the reader interested from beginning to end.


5 stars

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