Dark Inspiration by Russell James #mf #review

Dark Inspiration

Doug and Laura thought they bought Galaxy Farm, but the old house is possessing them instead.

Doug and Laura Locke are New Yorkers who need a fresh start, so they move to Galaxy Farm, an old thoroughbred stable in Tennessee. There Doug finds inspiration to write his epic novel and Laura renews her love of teaching. They also rediscover the love that first drew them together.

But the home has many secrets. There’s a graveyard hidden at the property’s edge, and tragic deaths stalked the previous owners. Doug has become entranced by the abandoned taxidermy he discovers in the attic. And Laura falls under the spell of the ghosts of twin girls she meets in the old nursery. Only a local antiques dealer senses the danger. She has gruesome premonitions of horrible events to come. She knows she must convince Laura of the threat before the dark force in the house can execute its plan. But time is short, and something seems to be very wrong with Doug…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

I love a good creepy story and Dark Inspiration is full of a lot of different, spooky, elements. Laura and Doug buy and move into an old house that happens to have some otherworldly inhabitants already living inside. Laura is sweet, even though she tends to bait her husband during arguments. She acts first and thinks later, which gets her into trouble. As for Doug, I did not care of his character at all. He was self-centered, egotistical, and full of himself. I found it easy to understand why he went down such a dark path, since he was already so awful to begin with. But, what he eventually does left me with such a creepy feeling! Ugh! Even so, I found Doug to be the most interesting character within the entire story.

The book has a good pace and plenty of detail. There is a little bit of everything within the pages – spirits, psychics, possession, and a little bit of history throughout. I did find that the ending was a little rushed and wish more explanation was given as to why things ended the way they did. However, it is a good story and anyone that enjoys horror or ghost stories will enjoy it, too.


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