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Chalice by Amber Kell

Book one in the Planetary Submissives series

In order to stop his magic from eating him alive, Chalice seeks out a man strong enough to dominate and control him.

Chalice might be a prince on his planet, but his submissive tendencies prevent him from dealing with the incredible energy coursing through his body. Magic users need a second to balance them out, but there has never been a case where the one with the power didn’t hold the dominant position. Chalice’s ability as a rare four-elemental magic wielder already marks him as different, though. And with the king in denial of his son’s needs, he has no choice but to look off-planet to find a powerful partner.

He runs into a diplomat on a mission, who leads Chalice to agree to be the pet of an emperor—one whose reputation for tossing aside subs is only balanced out by the fact that Chalice thinks he’s the sexiest creature he’s ever seen. Chalice takes the plunge, hoping the biggest gamble of his life won’t prove to be his biggest mistake.
The Planetary Submissives series

Being strong doesn’t mean you don’t need anyone.

Depending on another person doesn’t make you weak, because sometimes letting someone else help proves you’re braver than you thought. In some cases, submissives that are more powerful than most in their own right need another man or men to balance them. Combining love and abilities has never been so sexy. Exotic planets, rich traditions and unusual situations give a unique look at men who’ll risk everything for the chance to find the perfect partner to complete them.

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How would it feel to be 19 and know you had to go out into the galaxy to find a master or you would burn yourself out?  To go to unknown planets looking for someone strong enough to control you but kind enough to love and care for you.


Chalice is a prince 3rd in line to the crown, stronger than the king or his older brothers combined, problem is he is submissive and his magic will burn him up if he doesn’t find the right master.  Chalice is a kind and caring man, but not a stupid one.  He knows what he needs and will find it.  With help from friends he makes along the way he ends up meeting Emperor Terrin Hawk.  Chalice decides to take a chance on Terrin and signs a one year contract with him.


Terrin Hawk is a very demanding Emperor, he gets what he wants.  He sees Chalice and immediately he feels that Chalice is his.  This is a totally new sensation for Terrin, he goes through submissive very quickly so to have this all-consuming attraction is new.  Once they talk and Terrin sees just how different Chalice is Terrin knows that Chalice is what he has been looking for his whole life.


This is a love story, there are parts that are very sad, parts that make you want to smile.  Chalice is actually a very strong character, submissive and week comes to mind, not in this case. Innocent fits more than anything.  He always thinks the best of people, and he really does need looking after. Terrin he is jaded, he knows all the bad things out there are real.  I think he needs that innocence to help him see there is still good in the universe to. He will also do whatever it takes to protect Chalice and his innocence.  They balance each other in the best way.

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