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Welcome to Perfection, California. The year is 1961. The picket fences are white, the lawns are green, and the sprinklers are shiny and new… and Benji the 18-year-old Boy Scout is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Yes, Benji dreams of getting his hands on the coveted Happy Beaver Badge, a challenge that requires him to hike up to Mount Pleasant, venture through the Rainbow Forest, cross Lake Serenity and reach the old abandoned Forestfire Station.

But as Benji sets off, looking forward to experiencing the beauty of nature… nature isn’t exactly as welcoming as Benji had hoped. From evil chipmunks to stinky skunks, Benji’s adventure quickly turns into a quest for survival. Luckily for Benji, he meets handsome Mack the Lumberjack who’s willing to give the Boy Scout a helping hand—in more ways than one! addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

Benji is a happy naive guy.  His mind is so set on his goal that he doesn’t notice that women make up excuses to hit on him.  He is just such an adorable character he makes you want to just hug him.  Anyway he is set on his goals and totally oblivious to anyone who is trying to delay him. He is on his climb and makes some mistakes ends up in unconscious.

Mack finds this young man literally at his feet unconscious,  so he takes him home to treat him.  As Mack comes to know Benji he is drawn to such a happy soul.  Benji is determined to continue his quest so he asked Mack to go with him.  On there trip Benji learns there are things out there that people don’t believe in, and they can be very dangerous.   When things go bad, and danger is at every turn will the Boy Scout be able to keep his cool and use his training to keep them  safe?

I really liked Benji, he is an adult that has the mannerisms of someone who is out to please, yet is happy with who he is.  Mack older and seen the hard side of life but still can respect nature and the positive things in the world.   They seem like the perfect balance between naive and biased. Fate is never wrong if you can just trust in her.

5 stars


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